A Singapore dream house


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A Singapore dream house

Tiahn Wetzler – homify Tiahn Wetzler – homify
根據 ming architects 現代風
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With touches of the distinct Singapore style and influences from a more international, suburban take on housing, this beautiful home designed by Ming Architects has more than a few elements that warrant a second look. From the outside we can see that it's an impressive structure, featuring various levels and different materials in fabric of the building, but it doesn't appear excessively overbearing in terms of size. Step inside, however, and the real magic of the structure begins. 
What makes the home particularly special is the attention to lighting, there's no space that doesn't receive adequate sunshine, resulting in a positive flow of energy throughout. 

A view from the outside

While not underwhelming by any measure, the exterior certainly doesn't suggest the beauty that waits inside.

A neat and tidy little pool

While there's no backyard space for a large pool, they've cleverly opted to use the side stretch and create a long pool that's also accessible from inside. 

The glamorous interior

Sticking to the wood and white look, the interior here is light, bright and perfectly balanced between classic and on trend styles.

The staircase

As they've made the best possible use of the space, some of the features, including this flowing staircase, are quite thin. While it's not necessarily ideal, the result is that nothing looks cramped or forced. 

The space for living and relaxing

The glossy tiles complement the wooden beams and orange tones of the furniture, creating a feeling of home. 

The dining area

Opting for a bench style dining table, the designers have created a casual feeling in an otherwise very chic home.

The connection of indoors and out

With a tad of the pool creeping into the bottom right-hand-side of this image, we can see how effortlessly the interior extends into the exterior.

An all marble bathroom

Bathrooms don't come much better than this marble beauty. We also love the idea of a little stool at the vanity!

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現代房屋設計點子、靈感 & 圖片 根據 Casas inHAUS 現代風