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11 homes that exudes country chic

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Country house in Ancín Ignacio Quemada Arquitectos 房子 Red
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Who does not want a beautiful home, where can we spend precious time with our loved ones? After all, a house is more than a just a structure that protects you from the world. A home can inspire, calm, nurture and motivate you. That is why creative and unique planning and design are necessary to inject charm and personality into your home. 

Today, we'll show you 11 country homes that combined a wide variety of materials and styles for maximum visual impact. Beautiful gardens, decks , pools and scenic surroundings all add to the individuality of each of these lovely properties from around the world.  

Get ready to be inspired in building your dream country home. Enjoy!

1. Mediterranean attraction​

Built of sturdy rocks, this rustic-style Mediterranean bungalow opens its wide wooden doors to a spacious terrace surrounded by lush greens, which provide privacy, shade and coolness to this tropical setting.

​2. Tropical happiness

The vast manicured lawn draws our attention to the elegant, gorgeous house perched on the top of the small hill. With its neatly framed windows and shingle roofing,  one can imagine the kind of country luxury that must permeates its vast interiors.

​3. Greek style

Atmospheric Garden, nestled in the Sussex Downs Borrowed Space 庭院
Borrowed Space

Atmospheric Garden, nestled in the Sussex Downs

Borrowed Space

How high are the ceilings in this posh residence, really? Bricks, glass and wood are utilized together to create a sophisticated residence that, with its wooden terrace, manages to appear warmly welcoming. What really piques our interest though is the circular stone structure seemingly inspired by the Greek amphitheatre and the prospect of cozy get-togethers around the fire pit on chilly nights.

​4. Italian villa

Under the Tuscan sun, this luxurious but earthy villa in Tuscany, Italy is an oasis of country beauty. Made of bricks, rocks and God’s green nature, this sprawling residence is a mesmerizing testament of Mediterranean design charm. The calm, refreshing blue pool is God's blessing on scorching days.

5. Timeless retro

With its symmetrical structure, this house is an attractive picture of eternal, classy design. Classic chocolate-and-beige is a perfect scheme for this kind of architecture. The windows project a striking style statement but what we are truly loving is the inviting cobblestone walkway.

6. Poolside delight

Natural stone and pristine white walls are the winning traditional set-up of stylish villas. A manicured lawn dotted with towering trees and a carpet of tiles create an amazing space conducive to recreation for family and friends. Can you picture yourself lounging in the shade of a palm tree as your kids frolic in the shimmering blue pool? 

7. French-style farmhouse

Thatched roofs, refurbished antique windows and clean white walls – what else could you ask for in a home in the farm countryside? Enclosed by a pretty garden and rough stone dike, this rural structure acquires rustic urbanity with its subtle French charm, and pastel doors and windows. Talk about provincial with class.

8. Ancient modernity

Old architecture, modern homes – owned by friends who wanted to live adjacent to each other, this estate’s design follows a 2,000-year tradition of Mediterranean architecture. The stone platform hosting the eco-friendly yet stylish flats gives the place a pleasantly rustic atmosphere. A green carpet of grass breaks the stark, concrete monotony as you take the curving stone path that leads to the houses. Perfect for extended families who want to live together while keeping their own privacy.

9. Natural atmosphere

Orford | A classic country kitchen with coastal inspiration Davonport 廚房 木頭

Orford | A classic country kitchen with coastal inspiration


This perfect home – built with red bricks, metal and glass – promises 100% country-living fun. Its grey sloping roof balances the earthy brick walls, while its glass-and-steel conservatory provides a seamless flow from the indoors to the outdoor areas. There is more than enough space in the terrace to put furniture and a bit of greenery, which increases the appeal of this house.

10. Earthy contemporary

Country house in Ancín. Façade Ignacio Quemada Arquitectos 房子 Red
Ignacio Quemada Arquitectos

Country house in Ancín. Façade

Ignacio Quemada Arquitectos

With its earthy brown-and-beige palette, this extended Spanish villa is a fine example of the contemporary bungalow style that is so hot right now. As seen here, a well-kept manicured lawn is the perfect foil for the house’s earthy scheme. The ceramic roof ensures a tidy finish to the whole structure, while its protracted length effectively filters the amount of sunlight that streams into the windows. Just perfect on a really hot summer day.

11. Heavenly haven

It's impossible not to fall in love with this beautiful house. Its resort-inspired outdoor space –  featuring solid wood furnishings and lounge seats resting under a sheltered deck supported by polished wood pillars – is enough to convince you to stay in the country indefinitely. As if that isn’t enough, take in the scenery right in front of you – the manicured lawn leading to the sparkling swimming pool, and dotted with shady greens everywhere. Swim or sunbathe after a week’s worth of work, the choice is yours.