A beautiful and luxurious home in Surat


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A beautiful and luxurious home in Surat

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 臥室 by SPACCE INTERIORS, 日式風、東方風
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Today, we will take you on the tour of a spacious and elegant home where classy materials, stylish lighting and carefully-chosen furniture play starring roles. Situated in Surat, Gujarat, this house will impress you with beautiful textured walls, creative woodwork, gleaming marble floors, and stylish false ceilings. Though the living and dining areas mainly bank on sober neutrals, the kitchen and bedrooms celebrate the power of colour. Decor is minimal, so that your focus is arrested by the designs, lights and furniture alone! Credit goes to the interior architects at Spacce Interiors.

Stylish connection

The wall holding the TV separates the living area from the entryway fashionably, while the door between the two zones is glass. This allows the inhabitants to see who is coming inside.

First impressions

For added security, an iron gate keeps the entrance foyer private. You have to cross this to reach the wooden door to enter the home. But what impressed us here are the textured wall and the filigreed panel in the wooden door. The hexagonal door knob is also unique.

Arty entryway

A geometrically inspired false ceiling, smooth wooden elements, a textured feature wall and a trendy chair make this entryway a creative stunner.

Grand living

Luxurious brown sofas, soft grey and silver drapes and a large carpet make the living area super comfortable. The false ceiling wows with indirect lighting and some chic pendant lamps.

Elegant prayer nook

Bright white walls and a clear glass door make for a very modern prayer nook in this home. Wooden hexagonal wall panels are a fashionable touch.

Regal dining

The house follows an open plan layout, which becomes apparent from this image. Stately chairs surround a marble-topped table for a regal dining experience. The false ceiling mimics the one in the living space.

A different view

From here, you get to admire how the open kitchen connects with the dining area smartly. This ensures easy communication between guests, hosts and the chef.

Bold modular kitchen

Glossy and bright red cabinets give the spacious modular kitchen oodles of spice and zest. There is ample space for moving around as well as cooking and prepping. Bright lights and marble flooring lend a luxurious feel, while the small breakfast arrangement looks trendy.

Lavish bedroom

A large fashionable bed with creative wall panelling behind takes the centre stage in this large bedroom. Blue and white bedding and a colourful painting lend pizzazz to the space, while the wooden floor looks warm.

The wall holding the air conditioner also acts as an inbuilt storage unit with closet doors in asymmetrical shapes. Cabinets and drawers can be detected too, if you look closely. The wood and beige combination looks classy.

Creative fairytale

Different shades of pink and purple rule the daughter’s bedroom, making for a dreamy ambiance. Innovative lighting on the false ceiling and the unique shape of the bed impress effortlessly.   

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