A stylish and well designed home in Surat


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A stylish and well designed home in Surat

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 客廳 by SPACCE INTERIORS, 日式風、東方風
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Making a house luxurious or stylish doesn’t imply the need to sacrifice comfort or convenience. And this spacious residence is Surat is proof of that. The interior architects at Spacce Interiors have used a lot of ingenuity in making the interiors bright, stylish and functional. Sober neutrals, lavish furnishing and minimal decor are the reasons why this abode impresses so easily. The kitchen and bedrooms are vibrant and full of personality as well. Contemporary lighting in every room is another reason why the designs shine.

Clever space utilisation

We love how one corner of the living space has been reserved for the temple with its glass doors.

Smart partition

The textured beige wall holding the TV for the living space, keeps the entryway separate cleverly. Smooth wooden elements add warmth to the entrance, while divine artworks lend auspiciousness.

Luxurious openness

An open plan layout merges the living with the dining seamlessly, while the false ceiling impresses with its modern design.

Hint of opulence

Plush brown sofas and marble-topped tables make the living space luxurious, while the drapes complement them nicely.

Modern temple

Glass doors, bright white walls and sleek designs make this temple a very inviting space.

Bold kitchen

Spacious and bright, this modular kitchen is fitted with bright red cabinets, trendy furniture and modern appliances.

Charming bedroom

Stylish wall panelling behind the bed, a large wooden bed and a playful blue armchair are the highlights of this warm and cosy bedroom.

The large colourful painting lends life and character to the space. 

Pink and purple paradise

Dark pink drapes, a funky pink chair with white cushions and unique indirect lighting make this bedroom a fun and feminine haven.

From this angle, the playful letterings on the armchair and the unique panelling behind the bed can be admired.

Full of life

Though beige and white are the dominating hues in this bedroom, a vibrant curtain, customised wall panels and mosaic-like detailing on the bed and wardrobe add playfulness and spice. The workstation has also been accommodated brilliantly.

Bedroom with personality

White, beige and black make for a very elegant colour scheme in this spacious bedroom. The tree artwork on the wall and the pretty reading lamps are added attractions.

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