6 things to banish from your living room right now


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6 things to banish from your living room right now

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 客廳 by Hart Design and Construction , 鄉村風
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If you want to get the perfect living room, there are a few things that any interior designer will tell you that you need to REMOVE! Yes, we said remove, not add, as in a bid to get that balance of pretty, cosy and relaxing, a few of us are adding way too many optional extras to our spaces that are drowning out the inherent beauty! We don't want you to fall prey to this, so have pulled together a list of six things that you need to check you don't have in your living room, as without them, you'll find that your lounge has a more chilled and comfortable feel, as well as a more impressive aesthetic. So, are you ready to see if you have made any of these errors? We know we have, so you're not alone!

1. Visible wires.

Gone are the days when it was acceptable to have power cords and cables hanging behind your technology items, as it is so simple to embrace hidden wiring now! Even if you're not keen to start chasing out walls for embedded wires, you can use cable tidies to keep everything a lot neater!

2. Excess cushions.

 客廳 by Honeybee Interiors, 隨意取材風
Honeybee Interiors

Queens Park House

Honeybee Interiors

Cushions are great, but you need just enough! Look at this living room and you'll see that the cushion to sofa ratio is absolutely perfect! A small lumbar support for each seat is all that's needed and they still add to a luxurious and sumptuous aesthetic, but without making it hard to actually get on the sofa!

3. Coffee table clutter.

 客廳 by Ardesia Design, 現代風

A few books, your TV remotes and a coaster or two make perfect sense, but if you're cluttering up your coffee table with a host of other items, you're drowning out how useful and beautiful it actually is! Let the table actually shine through as a piece of striking furniture that you chose by stripping back the clutter!

4. Uncomfortable seating.

 客廳 by Perfect Stays, 田園風

So many people seem to choose a comfy sofa or two, but then also have a rogue chair that nobody actually likes to sit on, as it just isn't comfortable! We think that you should reserve your living room for snuggly furniture that offers you a happy spot for some end-of-the-day relaxation and pop the unusual chairs in a guest room!

5. Dead corner spaces.

 客廳 by homify, 現代風

Every home has those pockets of dead space that should be so much more useful than they are, but your living room seems to have more than it's fair share! Instead of ignoring the corners, look to add some interesting features that create an enclosed and cosy vibe. Things like bookcases, floor lamps and even your media centre all work really well!

6. Bad lighting.

Finally, if you have some lamps or lighting in your living room that you just never seem to like enough, get rid of them! Swap out ineffective lamps for posable and adjustable ones, as seen here, so you can benefit from the illumination as and when you need it and, we always think a dimmer switch on your main lights is a real winner! Talk about ambience at the push of a button!

For a little more living room inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Luxury living room furniture sets you'll love.

 房子 by Casas inHAUS, 現代風