The small apartment that makes smart use of space


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The small apartment that makes smart use of space

Tiahn Wetzler – homify Tiahn Wetzler – homify
斯堪的納維亞  by Dröm Living, 北歐風
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Many of us in Singapore are tired of the fact that we're restricted to living in small and often limited apartments. It can feel like we must constantly make compromises and forget about interior items and pieces that we wish we could have. On some level, this is true… there's no denying that our square metres are limited and that only a few people can afford to inhabit the luxurious mansions that also define the architecture of our country. However, this apartment designed by Dröm Living should provide you with some fresh inspiration for hacking and maximising the space that you have. 
Small doesn't have to mean going without, in fact, more often than not we are impressed and intrigued by the smart and stylish designs we see in tiny apartments. Another advantage that cannot be denied is cosiness; as long as you get the design right, a small home will never seem too cramped. 

1. By making use of the walls and ensuring that all possible spaces are transformed into stylish storage hubs, this apartment finds the line between chic and practical

2. From this angle we see that the desk is in no way cramped and provides enough space to qualify as a comfortable office/study area.

3. When decorating a small apartment, it's important to include bits and pieces that are personal to you but that don't cramp and crowd the space too much.

4. In this room we can see that vertical space has been maximised to reflect the interests of the occupant – they've also stuck to a colour theme in order to thread the room together.

5. Opting for a small desk in this space means that the room doesn't feel at all cramped, but that there is a surface for study or work.

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