7 home decor styles that are back in a big way


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7 home decor styles that are back in a big way

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
現代  by Pixers, 現代風
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Who doesn’t like a good throwback to days gone by in the form of furniture and décor items, whether it’s a vintage dresser popular in the 1930s or some crunchy orange shag carpeting our parents raved about in the 1970s? Well, history sure does repeat itself, as is evidenced by these 7 design and décor trends that are considered “hot” again in 2017 – which, of course, you need to know all about if you want to be on top of the trend game.

Let’s see which looks have proven that they deserve a second chance…

1. The Memphis style

現代  by Pixers, 現代風



The 1980s were synonymous with various things, including the designs conjured up by the Memphis Group, founded in Milan by Ettore Sottsass in 1981. This group of interesting characters (that included well-known artists and designers) lived for bizarre furniture, colourful fabrics, ceramics, glass and kitschy metal objects — all inspired by a fusion of Art Deco and Pop Art styles.

The Memphis Style can be clarified as follows: break all the rules that guide the world of design, experiment with unconventional materials, play with historic forms, get to know kitsch motifs and dabble in gaudy colours.

Fortunately, Pixers has made it rather easy to flaunt the Memphis Style at home, with their Into the Groove collection that features a range of products flaunting geometric patterns, bold colours and strong contrasts – yes, everything we loved about the 80s! 

It’s a proposition for people who live dynamically, love the fast rhythm of the city life and aren’t afraid of original compilations.

2. Pastels

Pastels are back – that’s sooo rad! Even though most of us associate pastels with children’s rooms and play areas, these colours definitely deserve their place in the design world.

To keep your pastel-painted space from looking too sugary, throw in a bold accent colour or two. 

Need that expert look? Check out our range of professionals.

3. Bold wallpapers

現代  by Pixers, 現代風



Wallpaper is returning in bold, modern patterns – but don’t think you need to style up an entire room the way we did it in the 80s – even if you can’t commit to large quantities, you can still find a place for it somewhere in your house. 

Bring some visual pop to a room by papering a single wall (or the back of a bookcase) to include an eye-catching accent – and what do you know, when it comes to bright and bold wallpapers, this is another area where Pixers can help!

4. Shaker cabinets

經典  by Sigma 3 Kitchens, 古典風
Sigma 3 Kitchens

Saltaire Graphite and Ivory Painted Shaker Kitchen

Sigma 3 Kitchens

Tired of those high-gloss minimalist cabinets installed in kitchens over the past few years? You’re in luck, for shaker cabinets are leading the kitchen-design trends these days. 

No longer a go-to option for just farmhouse-style kitchens, shaker cabinets are treating us to a new look that’s sleeker and sexier than ever before, with painted finishes and simpler hardware to complete this most welcome revival.

5. Shag carpeting

現代  by iroka, 現代風

Take Off, Una St Ives


The 1970s brought us, among other things, wall-to-wall shag carpeting – and this look has returned, albeit in a more modern form. 

Today’s updated shags are manufactured to show fewer footprints and vacuum marks, making them perfect for the more modern-conscious among us, and also a great option for active lifestyles.

6. Checkerboard patterns

We all know and love checkerboard floor tiles, but right now they're undergoing a fresh surge in popularity. No longer the sole preserve of '50s diners and student halls, they're set to adorn many a chic home with their monochrome magic.

The great thing about this timeless pattern is that, while undoubtedly bold and striking, it somehow complements pretty much every other item in the room.

7. Glass building blocks

Frosted glass building blocks formed a striking part of early 20th-century design, but their utilitarian charms are back to grace our homes once more. Sturdy and practical, they also let in a charming diffuse light without compromising anyone's privacy. Team with neutral colours and clean lines for a truly sleek modern look.

 房子 by Casas inHAUS, 現代風