This bare garden is transformed beyond recognition


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This bare garden is transformed beyond recognition

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
 庭院 by Constans Paysage, 現代風
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With summer already in full swing, it’s time we move outdoors – and what better way than to showcase a design project that focused exclusively on a residential house’s exterior surfaces: the garden?

Landscape designers Constans Paysage took control of this fresh renovation, which took a neglected outdoor space (with potential) and turned it into… well, scroll down to find out!

During: The back yard

We’ll just jump right into it and give you a glimpse of this project while it’s underway. As we can see, the lawn/grass is nowhere near completion, but we can already see some stylish promise from the new fence with its timber-panelled look.

And what is that little structure coming to life in the corner?

After: A fresh new look

Would you look at that! A lush lawn, picturesque plants and flowers, and a delightful little seating corner that takes up prime space on a small-yet-noticeable terrace to complete this new landscaped look. 

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Before: Horribly neglected

In all honesty, we can see in the garden’s ‘before’ images just how much potential this outdoor space had. Problem is that it was all being wasted! 

Sure, this garden might not look so bad (after some trimmings and a splash of paint on the walls and perhaps after giving that cement flooring a new look), but now that we know what the ‘after’ phase looks like, we just can’t wait to move on.

After: A cosy little corner

This unique little space once again reminds us of the possibilities a well-designed garden can offer. How perfect would this space be for, let’s say, revelling in some reading in the fresh outdoors? Or enjoying teatime with a companion? So many options to consider…

Let’s feast our eyes on a few more images of this project’s ‘before’ and ‘after’ stages.

 房子 by Casas inHAUS, 現代風