We took 7 bright ideas from this magical small garden


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We took 7 bright ideas from this magical small garden

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
地中海  by Earth Designs, 地中海風
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What better way to revel in this glorious summer than spending time outdoors? But we’re not only referring to outdoor socialising and entertaining with friends and family, but indulging in some gardening as well! And to inspire you, we have picked the perfect garden

This Mexican-inspired garden, courtesy of Earth Designs from Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, features a number of copy-worthy ideas that are so easy to recreate back home – so why not do it?

Just a little back-story before we “pick” out the best ideas here: the theme of this garden’s design is based on the distinctive garden of Frida Kahlo, with a strong colour palette of cobalt blue and zingy yellow. A series of rendered raised beds are positioned throughout the garden, increasing in height towards the rear of the space to add some diversity and functionality.

Right, on with the show!

1. Pick your paving

 庭院 by Earth Designs, 地中海風
Earth Designs

Raised planters and sandstone patio

Earth Designs

Think that a garden’s flooring is only meant to be either soil or grass? Heavens, no! There exists an entire world of options that allow you to beautify your garden’s floor, whether it’s the terrace right next to your greens of the little pathway that snakes through it.

Sandstone, brick, mosaic tiling, pebbles… each option can be edited and coloured to fit in with a range of various design styles. 

What flooring do you see for your particular garden back home?

2. Plant yourself

地中海  by Earth Designs, 地中海風 木頭 Wood effect
Earth Designs

Railway Sleeper Garden Bench

Earth Designs

Ever considered adding a bench to your garden? This railway sleeper bench on legs offers not only a dining experience, but also a most comfy daybed area for lounging (after some fluffy pillows have been added, obviously). 

Plus, a bench can function as both a chair and table, and you can also use it to add some decoratives like, say, stunning garden sculptures or potters.

3. Waste not, want not

 庭院 by Earth Designs, 地中海風
Earth Designs

Reclaimed spindles set into garden screen

Earth Designs

Surely you have something lying around your house that’s just gathering dust? Ever thought of turning it into something useful for your outdoor space? 

These reclaimed spindles add a very decorative touch to this garden screen – who’d have thought?

4. Use tins for planters

地中海  by Earth Designs, 地中海風 金屬
Earth Designs

Upcycling planters tin cans

Earth Designs

Why spend money on new planters when you already have some in your home? What about those empty tin cans?

We’re not saying use them as is, like in this example – by all means, give them a nice paint job before treating them to new plants and flowers. 

Need a designer or painter? How about a tiler or lighting expert? Our list of professionals can help you out…

5. Stained glass

地中海  by Earth Designs, 地中海風 玻璃
Earth Designs

Stained Glass set into wooden garden screen

Earth Designs

Who said stained glass is only meant for churches? This piece of stained glass fits in quite perfectly with this garden screen, lending some striking patterns and colours we never even knew were missing from this outdoor space!

6. Colours that pop

 庭院 by Earth Designs, 地中海風
Earth Designs

Terrace House garden

Earth Designs

Speaking of colours, do you know how many options you have in your garden where you can bring in some colour? We’re not talking about planting orange lilies or purple freesias (although those look very nice, too), but spaces that can be coloured in with some paint: your pathway, the fence, the wall surrounding your garden, that little bench we spoke about earlier, those potters we just mentioned in number 4…  

Experiment with some vibrant colours to see which tones will go nicely with your selection of fresh garden greens.

7. A fresh variety

 庭院 by Earth Designs, 地中海風
Earth Designs

Railway Sleeper beds

Earth Designs

Finally, leave your OCD indoors! Don’t think that those roses, tulips and whatever else you’re planting in your garden need to be 100% aligned, same size, etc. Just see what a beauty some diversity can create in a garden by mixing various plants and flowers, not to mention colours! 

For more fresh inspiration, we bring you these 8 lovely ways to enjoy your garden in the evening.

 房子 by Casas inHAUS, 現代風