One stunning house with two facade options


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One stunning house with two facade options

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Personalizing pre-drawn homes is a must, but, one of the things usually not on the table for changes is the facade. Well, not with this lovely home. It comes with two bright facade options, which are complete opposites from one another. One is a natural, textured exterior while the other is bold and modern. The result is a spacious modern house that would look like a totally different building when next to it's twin. We've included the floor plans to, which reveals the architects have crafted a design which is perfect for the work-from-home couple. Let's take a look. 

1. The first option for this home is a natural look, composed of various kinds and finishes of wood. The main event is the shingle-like panels that combine four unique colours for a warm effect.

The side of the asymmetrical home makes great use of huge windows, and offers flat wood paneling as relief from all the texture of the other sides.

The corner of the home and the window railings incorporate thin wooden paneling that offer a new texture to contrast the shingle-like side.

2. The second option for the home is a dramatic pairing of red and black. The home which once looked so natural now seems industrial.

Don't know how to make an interior match this vibrant colour and high contrast exterior? Ask an interior designer

The corner of the home with this exterior seems brighter and taller. The windows make less of a visual impact, which might be good or bad depending on your personal style.

The floor plan reveals this home has an open-concept living space, that relies on flooring and furniture to designate usage. This home could be dressed to match either exterior easily.

The second floor reveals a spacius master bedrooms, two home offices, and balconies that would be perfect for those who work from home to get some fresh air.

In this last look at the red facade you can see the balcony off to the right, and imagine how bright that main office must be, with that huge window hanging over the front door.

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