7 wall colours that will immediately improve your home


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7 wall colours that will immediately improve your home

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不拘一格  by PDV studio di progettazione, 隨意取材風
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Well! While some people have been extolling the virtues of neutral interior colours, other, more adventurous interior designers have been having a lot of fun with eye-catching hues that make a real statement! We thought it might be fun to show you a host of the most popular alternative decorating colours, just to see whether you have either inadvertently already gotten onboard with a trend, or, if you might fancy updating your scheme! We're willing to be t that at least one of these sumptuous shades appeals to you, so let's find out if we're right!

1. Taupe for the hallway.

Warmer and more cosy than magnolia or stark white, a light taupe shade will look exceptional on your hallway walls and make those transitional areas just a touch more interesting! If you're worried about dark corridors, simply brighten up your lighting!

2. Coral for the dining room.

Don't go thinking that a bright wall colour in your dining room will overshadow the deliciousness of your food, as we're here to say that it will merely complement it! The warm coral hue shown here adds a real party atmosphere to the space!

3. Sky blue for a lounge.

Calm, understated and so cool, this pale blue colour is utterly ideal for creating a restful living room. Even if you kept all the furniture neutral and muted, the zingy walls would add so much contemporary chic back into play.

4. Black and gold for the bathroom!

 浴室 by homify, 田園風 陶器

We have been a little conditioned to think that bathrooms need to be white, but how about taking inspiration from this all-out luxurious design? The black and gold tiles here have mastered the art of opulent interior design and looks SO dramatic.

5. Or black and white!

If you can't quite bring yourself to totally turn your back on white for your bathroom, how about a touch of monochrome? The stark contrast of black and white will always make for a stylish and timeless aesthetic and you can add in more vibrant hues later, if you want to.

6. Strawberry pink in the kitchen.

We know that pink kitchen walls might sound a bit bizarre, but just look at how perfect they look! Adding a softer, more inviting vibe to one of the most practical spaces in your home, pink is softer than jewel tones, such as ruby red, but a little more exotic than bog-standard blue or yellow.

7. Grey for the bedroom.

 臥室 by LEIVARS, 現代風



We are so into 50 shades of grey for bedrooms, but not in the way you might be thinking! Using grey almost as a new neutral means that you can layer different hues of the same colour, to amazing, elegant and classic effect. Add a few black pillows and you have something REALLY special!

For more colour inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 13 ways colour can impact the mood in your home.

 房子 by Casas inHAUS, 現代風