A bungalow on a hill in Panchgani

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Building a house near a hill station is as it is difficult but what makes it all the more challenging is to make it look beautiful. Most of us feel that due to the rocky and uneven landscape of a hill station designing a luxurious home is almost impossible. But this spacious cottage style house in Panchgani proves this theory wrong. 

To give you a better idea regarding all the main areas of this amazing cottage here are a few pictures that we have put together.

1. Exterior facade

In order to maintain the rustic charm of this cottage the designers have used a two level thatched roof as their exterior facade. This roof not only protects the house against water seepage or damage but it also makes it look beautiful. The house is situated on the edge of a small hill which also gives it a 180 degree view of the surrounding landscape.

2. Walkway and staircase

Once you enter the house you can see a small walkway that leads to the spacious living room and lounge area. The designers have also opted for a customised staircase that can also be used as a bookshelf to add a unique touch. The staircase leads to a loft style bedroom which can accommodate a queen size mattress easily. This gives the house a two storey interior effect without having to build permanent structures.

3. Side terrace

Since the house has thatched roof it is almost impossible to add a terrace. For this reason the designers have opted for a side terrace layout to gives the owners a beautiful outdoor space. This area can be the perfect place for hosting parties and spending evenings along with your loved ones. The terrace pans across the entire length of the house so that the view of the valley was not compromised.

4. Seating layout

To keep the entire ambiance of the living room open and airy the designers have opted for a floor seating arrangement. This helps eliminate the use of bulky furniture within the house which gives it an illusion of space. Along with this the seating arrangement is also made using neutral tones of colour so that it complements the dark wooden flooring of the cottage.

5. Utilizing the view

One of the best things about having a house near a hill station is the landscape and its view. To make the most out of this beautiful surrounding the designers have opted for a glass panel instead of a permanent wall. This makes sure that you get to enjoy the scenery from every corner of the house. The glass structure also makes the house look brighter as it does not interfere with the natural light source. 

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