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Chill! In your own restful space

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After a busy day at work we seek a place to rest and there is nothing better than finding that perfect place to be alone or to relax with family and friends to recover your energy… But how could we create a space like this by selecting the ideal elements for a perfect and harmonious environment? The living room is undoubtedly a privileged area of the house, where we try out new ideas. It may be a small relaxation space or transformed into the epicentre of summer events.

Today on homify we present you with some of the most interesting spaces to enjoy more at the end of the day. Is today modern and tomorrow minimalist? What about rustic, vintage or retro? Be inspired and enjoy the proposals that you find in this article to create a space with personality and originality!

Consider textiles

This solution is adapted to the geometry and the indoor environment, providing a large surface for after-work relaxation – a light-filled area. On the right side of the image we can see a generous area with cushions, where the main material – wood – creates a sense of connection to the nature of traditional materials. The artificial lighting and other elements complete the space. 

Find the ideal sofa

sofa can be a relaxing and simple option to bring a bit of style to the room in your home. A set of more than one piece can contain a coloured or neutral model. Choose the ideal model of sofa that matches the décor and space of your living room, and beware, this is not an easy task. After all, in addition to various models and numerous materials available on the market, you still need to choose a sofa that combines style with comfort and aesthetics. Do not forget: the sofa is one of the most used objects in a house, and it definitely enables us moments of leisure. 

Soft lighting is a bright idea

The design of the lighting is an important element for the decoration of interior and exterior spaces, as part of the ideal set to create different environments and visual effects in your home. With a modern, minimalist, organic, or vintage design, it is create to serve locally, providing unforgettable moments of leisure.

The lighting can contribute to increased performance, productivity and aesthetic balance in each space. With original and poetic aesthetics, this is a lamp applicable to leisure areas such as the living room, game room, or even bedrooms. The position of these elements in the workplace should also be related to the existing natural light, as it plays an important role in the field of interior lighting. 

More more inspiration, check out these: Dazzling Lighting Ideas For Modern Homes.

Useful furniture

The geometries of this environment are absolutely lovely and light, breaking any idea of rigidity and informality. Small, decorative objects adorn the shelf in the background and a coffee table, all following a stylistic line very marked where it seems that everything had been designed with extreme detail. The texture of the carpet itself should be noted, which also contributes significantly to this atmosphere of subtle earth tones and geometries. 

To obtain an elegant, creative and original living room, you should take into account certain aspects that become the epicentre of a whole special atmosphere. It is also important to set aside space in your mind regarding mealtime with family and friends. One of our main themes of today is regarding the beauty and decoration of rooms at dinnertime. 

Cosy fireplace

Mezzofocus Fire homify 客廳壁爐與配件

Mezzofocus Fire


With icy days in the winter, we know that there is no better pleasure than getting through the day and relaxing beside the living room fireplace! The fireplace can be an absolute key element and a focal point in the living room, completely transforming how the space is experienced by the onlooker (even when there's no fire going!) 

These elements are interpreted and adapted to every technological advance and acquire a new format or appearance. It can bring a functionality that goes beyond tradition. Now a design piece, a unique beauty, the main purpose is not sacrificed: warming our house. 

Your personal touch

We know there is no greater pleasure in the world than spending Sunday afternoons with family, gathered around a good movie or an interesting conversation on any topic. The chairs have a function that goes beyond ergonomics and are, above all, warm and personal effects. 


As mentioned earlier, these days, living rooms are spaces that make it increasingly possible to employ a wide range of different solutions, with regard to your décor. Sofas, chairs, cabinets, shelves, lighting and even a bookcase that is a route for cats… all the other elements that make up the space become free and can help to ease the internal organisation in your home. 

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