​Before and after: 5 extreme house transformations


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​Before and after: 5 extreme house transformations

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
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Rebuild everything completely or just do a decent makeover – this is definitely a question that many owners of old and outdated houses/buildings have asked themselves. Of course many other factors apart from personal preference influence the final decision, such as the opinion of the relevant architect who can calculate which option will produce the more favourable outcome.

For today’s piece, we chose makeover over rebuild (or renovation or remodelling or whatever you choose to call it), and we’ve come across 5 supreme examples that show how magnificent such a project can be if it’s executed correctly.

1. Before: The grey 60s

Built in the 1960s, this house was integrated beautifully into the surrounding property, but hasn’t flaunted much style since then. Of course some modern beauty was required for this house, which is home to a family of four.

The solution? A rebuilding that is both cost-effective and sustainable, with the architects' promise to create a residence that, although it’s a rework of the original structure, will feel like a brand-new structure.

1. After: Old, but as if it’s new

And here we see the incredible change! Undoubtedly, the building is characterized by massive alterations such as the windows and door openings, making this design feel like a new family home. 

Thanks to clever planning, much more living space was gained – so much so, that a private swimming pool was added! And to meet the family’s requests for a more sustainable lifestyle, a pellet heating system with an underground pellet tank and heating-assist solar thermal energy was installed.

2. Before: A perfect jumping-off point

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The rear garden view was definitely one of this project’s golden selling points. While the street-facing side was designed with conventional plaster, bright clinker decorates the back. 

This property definitely offers an abundance of advantages for your typical family, such as lots of space for proper outdoor relaxation.

2. After: A magical façade

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After the experts got involved, this house became completely unrecognisable, as it was transformed into a much more modern, cubic structure. And the roof also underwent massive alterations, seeing as the gabled walls of the old roof were demolished once they decided to build a flat roof. 

The living room on the ground floor was enlarged by connecting it with the former service room. In the south-facing garden, a generous terrace with colourful natural stones serves as the ideal space to relax outdoors. 

Even though the façade is one of the most impressive changes, it hides a fascinating secret: those dark blue surfaces contain mixes of glass with a fluorescent effect, resulting in the colour enjoying a sparkling effect come night-time.

3. Before: An old farmhouse

There’s no denying the unique appeal of old farm houses – the brick façades, the tiled roof, the overall quaint and cosy appearance! And seeing as these structures usually encompass a lot of space, it comes as no surprise that they are usually remodelled ever so slightly in order to keep both their charm and size.

3. After: A modern masterpiece

It’s very easy to make out the two original volumes of the old structure, even after the renovation project was completed. The small building on the left was once used as a guest room with a shower, while the main house on the right used to be the old stable and peasants’ quarters. 

Today, however, a much more trendy living area is flaunted with all sorts of comforts, with a wood-clad hallway connecting these two spaces.

4. Before: A bleak façade

極簡主義  by homify, 簡約風

The shades of this façade speak for themselves, for those yellowed beiges and outdated browns look anything but inviting. And the well-preserved-yet-old-fashioned balcony and shutters don’t really add anything positive to this sad picture. 

Fortunately, all was not lost…

4. After: A cool new look

極簡主義  by homify, 簡約風

Now this is how you attract attention via colour: with a cool blue tone beautifully adorning that top volume, which used to be the horribly outdated balcony. 

But these weren’t the only changes, for the architects also managed to include some fantastic eco-friendly elements in here which help to save more than 70% of all energy consumptions. Not bad at all!

5. Before: Not enough space

Seeing as these homeowners complained about the increasingly scarce housing market, a renovation was in order. The plan? To produce a cosy bedroom on the upper floor and a beautiful living room on the ground floor.

And how did this turn out?

5. After: A most unusual transformation

From a dreary, outdated building to an eye-catching design, we’d say this makeover was one massive success! That bright red stands out most stunningly and refreshes the entire house, beautifully contrasting with (yet also complementing) the timber-clad façade on the top left. 

Speaking of new beauty, check out how This grey garden becomes a bold and bright patio.

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