How to decorate your home so it never goes out of style

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Your home is your castle, but the fact remains that decorating it can be a never-ending chore, if you allow it to be! While you'll love a scheme one day, the next, you might walk into your kitchen and decide that it's too cutesy, outdated or simply drab, which will lead to a call to your interior designer and another expensive redecorating project! We want to try to help you negate this, which is why we're going to give you the secrets to timeless decor that you'll love forever, or at the very least, be able to adapt simply, whenever you want to. If you want to step away from the paint chips and relax on your weekends, instead of spending them in DIY shops, come with us now as we give you all the info you need!

1. Stick to white walls and ceilings.

White is a wonderful decor colour for one reason; it is a totally blank canvas! If you want to perk up a white room, you can simply add some art to the walls, change up your textiles or amplify the look with some brilliant rugs, but you'll still have a totally classic, timeless and beautiful base colour. Be sure to choose the right white for your home though, as some are VERY cool, which can make a home feel cold. Green-based whites tend to do this, whereas pink-based hues feel a little softer.

2. Go open-plan!

Traditional Farmhouse Kitchen Extension, Oxfordshire HollandGreen 廚房

Traditional Farmhouse Kitchen Extension, Oxfordshire


Don't think that open-plan homes are just a fad, as they are here to sty! Opening up your interior to allow for easy and seamless transitions between cooking, eating and relaxing areas makes such perfect sense and will always add value to your home as well. If you worry about having fewer interior walls, remember that you can always use screens to add a little more privacy back in, but we think you'll be too busy loving the huge proportions to notice a lack of walls!

3. Think about your flooring.

Slide Floor tuttoparquet 牆壁與地板牆壁與地板罩 木頭 Grey

Slide Floor


The material you choose for your floor is critical, as you want to get the right mix of hardiness, style and neutrality. Of course, the material you finally plump for will have a lot to do with the wider design scheme that you have in place, but for that timeless appeal that we promised you, we think you'll need to choose one of the following:

Wood – Perfect for ANY home, hardwood flooring will only ever need some maintenance, such as staining and polishing, but will add a lot of warmth and organic drama to even a really understated home.

Concrete – For an industrial aesthetic, you can't go wrong with polished concrete flooring that looks as cool as it feels underfoot! It needs absolutely nothing form you in terms of care either! 

Stone – Want a rustic home? Then natural stone is definitely for you, but beware that it can need replacing if it breaks. Choosing thick tiles should negate the problem.

Carpet – If your version of timeless is traditional, then carpet is for you, but be aware that this is the most maintenance-heavy option! It will need regular shampooing to look good and pale colours can be a total nightmare!

4. Embrace some metallics.

We're not talking about stainless steels, which has become a staple in modern kitchens, but instead, we are encouraging you to embrace the warmer end of the metallics spectrum, such as rose golds and copper hues! Interesting., pretty and still a touch traditional, we think you'll never get bored of these fantastic little touches that make for great light fixtures or bigger, bolder installations, such as baths.

5. Choose between curved and linear furniture.

Contemporary Spaces Neil Mac Photo 客廳凳子與椅子
Neil Mac Photo

Contemporary Spaces

Neil Mac Photo

For a truly timeless look to your home, you need to make sure that all of your furniture actually works together. This means that if you've opted for a low-level rectangular sofa, you'll be best off choosing linear shelving and sideboards, to complement it. Conversely, if you love a swirling egg chair and circular coffee tables, then you need to go all out with the curved installations, so that everything ties in together and looks as though it was all bought together, decades ago, and still looks perfect!

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