8 amazing Nordic Houses


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8 amazing Nordic Houses

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根據 Akost GmbH 'Ihr Traumhaus aus Norwegen' 北歐風
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Bright colours, steep roofs, tons of light, and a nature-focus all make Scandinavian houses stand out from the crowd. Canadians can find plenty to love in these homes, being designed for colder climates, with simple, practical decor. 

1. Tall home

This tall home's steep roof leaves enough space to fit in a balcony and big windows on the main floor. The interior is surely flooded with light. 

2. Contrasting colours

This home utilizes that same unique green-grey colour for the exterior. It provides great contrast with the dark roof and, in this case, the dark patio. The result is a sophisticated and unique look. 

3. Barn chic

If you want a bright red exterior, why not lean in and bring in other elements of barn style? The horizontal wooden planks, barn shaped roof, and white trim make this home a perfect fit for the countryside. Take a peek at some more country homes here.


根據 homify 北歐風

This combination of cream and black is Scandinavian style's take on ultra-modern. The unique horizontal windows, along with the flat and asymmetrical roof lend a private and unique atmosphere to the building. A professional can add this kind of roof to your home. 

5.Lake House

Scandinavians have almost as much shoreline as we do, and they've learned how to make the most of it, with nature-inspired houses that have plenty of outdoor entertaining space. We love the deep colour of these wooden panels. 

6.Forest retreat

根據 homify 北歐風

This home borrows several elements of the other homes on this house, creating a woodsy rustic aesthetic. The two tones of wood have high contrast, small horizontal windows are used to create privacy, and the thin, angled roof tops it all off. 

7.Sunny Suburbia

This home takes some inspiration from homes in sunnier locations. The bright white exterior is tempered with wood and bricks, and the balcony, tucked under the layered roof, feels private. 

8.Dark Beauty

This stunning dark washed wood is a bold way to stand out on the block. The white window edging and natural-washed wood makes the look even more dramatic. 

If your favourite part of Nordic homes is their environmental-friendliness, this pond home will win your heart. 

現代房屋設計點子、靈感 & 圖片 根據 Casas inHAUS 現代風