​Before and after: a perfect little porch is born


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​Before and after: a perfect little porch is born

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
根據 PHU Bortnowski
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An outdated and neglected back yard that gets treated to a sublime new wooden terrace/patio that bursts with style and potential? Sounds like something you might see here on homify, and that’s exactly right, for it’s the theme of our latest ‘before and after’ piece!

Polish experts Phu Bortnowski from Zielona Góra are in charge of this little backyard gem, so let’s take a look at how it all came together…

Before: Not a very warm welcome

We forget to mention that this renovation project also included the makeover of the house’s front façade, more specifically the front entrance – and after viewing this image, do you really have to wonder why?

Before: The rear steps

Even though this little porch (if you can call it that) at the back of the house is nowhere near acceptable (at least by our stylish standards), it’s not difficult to see the potential being flaunted here. 

Fortunately the professionals in charge also have a keen eye for detail…

Work in progress: Getting on with it

A layer of gravel is part and parcel of the construction process to properly help regulate rainwater. Of course it also adds some character and style to the final design, as we’ll see soon enough!

Work in progress: The front porch

Now isn’t that much better? Wooden planks in a warm honey hue add style and detail to the front entrance, not to mention some new legroom into the scene! 

Now how shall we adorn this brilliant new space? A welcome mat? A potted plant or two? What would you add?

After: The brilliant end result

Ta-da! A brilliant new wooden deck / terrace on which we can now enjoy the back yard in style and comfort! Don’t you think that the wood spices up both the colour- and material palette of the house? And those rocks and pebbles add the perfect finishing touches!

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