Cool reclining chairs


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Cool reclining chairs

Steph Mann Steph Mann
極簡主義  by Richard Clarkson Studio, 簡約風
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Relaxing is part of human nature. We tend to live highly stressful lives, filled with busy days and often forget to take time for ourselves. Chairs that recline themselves or we can recline in (just by sitting) can help remind us that we need to take this time. It is important to have time for ourselves and to enjoy it guilt free. We can also do this in style with beautiful furniture to remind us how lucky we are. We have found some of the most stunning and cool chairs that you can recline in. Have a look, a think and relax whilst we indulge you.

Black Beauty

Beautful in black, this recliner is stylish. It would sit very well in a variety of spaces and rooms. With soft leather inviting you in, sitting here at the end of a hard day is something that we relish in the thought of. It does recline to a very deep and comfortable position, meaning relaxing is something that will just happen. There is no need to sit anywhere else. It can sit fully upright or lay right back, meaning the choice is yours.

Simplistic and Beautiful

Canary Wharf Living Room 现代客厅設計點子、靈感 & 圖片 根據 Primrose Interiors 現代風
Primrose Interiors

Canary Wharf Living Room

Primrose Interiors

An incredibly minimalist design, this recliner and foot stool offer both elegance and style. The white and wood colours mean it would go with any colour of room and still make an impact. The white leather stands out even against a pale backdrop. A beautifully simple recliner that makes any room feel stylish. The end of your day would start and finish in this recliner, as you chilled out watching the world go by.


極簡主義  by PYG®, 簡約風

So it isn't quite a chair and it isn't quite a pillow, it is in fact a chillow! What else would you call a combination of the two? An inspirational concept that converts from chair to pillow that you can recline on. You can sit on it and read, then get to that point that we all do, where you wouldn't mind lying down and maybe close your eyes. Well now that is possible. Extremely comfortable and practical because it just folds up and offers the ultimate reclining position.

Old School Recliner

不拘一格  by Sketch Interiors, 隨意取材風
Sketch Interiors

Art Deco Slider Chair

Sketch Interiors

This Art Deco slider chair would have been an innovation in its time. Designed by Sketch Interiors it is a chair that has stood the test of time and design. Art Deco never seems to age and goes back to a design where function met fashion. It is stunning with the wooden arms, made from oak, and the three diagonal lines that make it instantly distinctive. The tropical fabric is something a little different, but beautiful nonetheless and imported from America. It is a very rare chair that is comfortable, relaxing and would suit a contemporary room.

Mama Chair

現代  by Archer + Co, 現代風
Archer + Co

Mama Chair

Archer + Co

A beautifully big chair, aptly called the Mama chair. Whether this is because it is the Mother of all chairs, who knows, what we do know is is big, bold and beautiful. You have no option but to recline when sitting in this and that is what we love about it. A total lounging experience awaits anyone who sits in this. Made from composite foam, the back of the seat is soft whilst remaining supportive. The curves in the design offer total comfort.

Classic Reclining

The joy of a reclining chair over a reclining sofa is that the space is yours and yours alone. This black recliner and matching footstool offer a haven of solitude for the user. Sink back and relax no matter how good or bad the day has been, just relaxing will make it better. You can put it in a secluded corner and enjoy some alone time alone. Made with soft leather, it has an overall sense of indulgence and luxury.

On your Rocker

Is there anything more stunning than carved wood? Soft and warm, curved in all the right places. Rocking chairs were the original recliner. Sat on a porch, a living room or a nursery, these hairs have stood the test of time. The design is flawless, with curves, simple lines and strong wood. It doesn't need padding because it looks so comfortable as it is. Reclining and rocking, this chair is the ultimate in relaxation.

Modern Lines

現代  by splinterdesigns, 現代風

lounge chair


From  the traditional to the modern. This chair is very contemporary and would fit well in any office or living room. With a natural slope , there is no choice but to sit back and relax, as you will naturally slide backwards into a reclined position. No fancy mechanisms needed to get comfortable. The only thing needed here is a person and for them to sit down. The grey fabric contrasts the wooden frame very well and both are neutral, meaning it can most decors from plain to high patterned.

Like an Egg in a Basket

Looking very much like a basket, this design leaves nothing out. In terms of reclining, once again, it is a chair that gives you no choice. It knows we want somewhere to relax and offers a cocoon like feel to it. With a cream curved interior, once you sit down, every part of you will be supported as you recline back into it. The curves offers a variety of positions too. There is no reason you can't lie across it rather than sat directly in it.

Minimalism and Simplicity

Sometimes simple is the way forward. Sometimes designs can be over complicated. Not with this chair. Minimalist at best and comfortable at its worst (and that isn't really a bad point when it comes to a chair). The curved base is very inviting as it evokes a feeling of comfort. With the marching foot stool, it is easy to see how you could lose hours in this chair, reclined, relaxing and reading your favourite book. And it is placed perfectly next to a bookshelf just for that purpose.

現代房屋設計點子、靈感 & 圖片 根據 Casas inHAUS 現代風