55 Inspiring bedroom designs


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55 Inspiring bedroom designs

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
Private Interior Design Project - Albufeira 根據 Simple Taste Interiors 現代風
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This ideabook is basically a photo gallery with 55 fantastic  bedroom designs. By using different materials, colours, textures, and lighting, the right kind of ambiance can be achieved easily. A bedroom should not only be aesthetically appealing and personal, but also fully functional and ergonomic.

1. Regal charm

This Asian inspired bedroom design provides a regal charm.

2. Unique design feature

Private Interior Design Project - Albufeira 根據 Simple Taste Interiors 現代風
Simple Taste Interiors

Private Interior Design Project – Albufeira

Simple Taste Interiors

By installing a transparent glass between the bathroom and the bedroom a unique design feature can be achieved.

3. In-built wardrobes

現代  by Simple Taste Interiors, 現代風
Simple Taste Interiors

Private Interior Design Project – Albufeira

Simple Taste Interiors

Similar built-in wardrobes provide a well organised layout within the bedroom.

4. Modern bed

現代  by Simple Taste Interiors, 現代風
Simple Taste Interiors

Private Interior Design Project – Albufeira

Simple Taste Interiors

Incorporating a modern bed can also transform your room instantly.

5. Accessorizing

Apartamento decorado Calper 根據 Gisele Taranto Arquitetura 現代風
Gisele Taranto Arquitetura

Apartamento decorado Calper

Gisele Taranto Arquitetura

Accessorizing your bedroom with table lamps and stools can make the space look amazing.

6. Open shelves

If you have a small bedroom then these open shelves can provide you with additional storage.

7. Focal wall

Focal walls are not only easy to create but can also beautify your bedroom.

8. Curio cabinet

Another way to make your bedroom look fabulous is by adding a similar wall to wall curio cabinet.

9. Paintings

Adding paintings to your bedroom can also give it a grand appearance.

10. Wallpaper

Wallpapers allow you to incorporate designs easily and can make your bedroom look more stylish.

11. Customized headboard

A custom headboard can be created using different materials and patterns.

12. Rustic furniture

To create a rustic look in your bedroom using Victorian style furniture is recommended.

13. White interior

A completely white interior can make your bedroom look harmonious and relaxing.

14. Framed mirrors

By placing a framed mirror near your bedroom window you will be able to reflect light easily.

15. Multifunctional bedroom

One can also create a multifunctional bedroom by incorporating a small study desk.

16. Wooden interior

To get a barn like feel in your bedroom opting for wooden interior is the perfect choice.

17. Chandelier

The chandelier used in this room helps complete the look of the bedroom.

18. Backlights

Similar ceiling backlights can create a romantic ambience within your bedroom.

19. Wall art

By adding designer wall art pieces you can make your bedroom look trendy.

20. Iron furniture

Iron furniture pieces like this bed and side tables can also make your bedroom stand out.

21. Artistic layout

By incorporating special features like the headboard and the wall canvas an artistic flair was created.

22. Cool colour tones

根據 homify 現代風

To make your bedroom more cozy and comfortable using cool tones of colour is worth a shot.

23. Antique furniture

Reusing old pieces of furniture can also give your bedroom fabulous touch

24. Stone wall

Stonewall is a design feature which is easy to maintain and also long lasting.

25. False ceiling

False ceiling can give your bedroom a new dimension all together.

26. Collectible plates

If you like collecting artwork or antiques then incorporating them into your bedroom is a good idea.

27. Wall panels

Similar designer wall panels are pre-made and can transform your bedroom instantly.

28. Combining themes

Combining rustic and modern theme has given this bedroom a unique interior.

29. Patterned wall

Focal walls can also be created by using different embossed patterns.

30. Concealed cupboard

By concealing the cupboard behind mirror doors the designer was able to make the room appear brighter.

31. Upholstery

Upholstery is another technique which can be used to create custom headboards.

32. Bedspreads

Using beautiful bedspreads can also help transform your bedroom instantly.

33. Floor rugs

Floor rugs not only protect the surface but also give your bedroom a nice touch.

34. Flower pots

Adding flowers to your bedroom will make it look vibrant.

35. Spot lighting

Spot lighting can be used to highlight a feature or to read books at night.

36. Extending bedrooms

根據 homify 現代風

By installing shifting doors the designer was able to extend the bedroom towards the open balcony.

37. Curtains

For a chic look adding curtains might also be a good alternative.

38. Open bath

Open bathrooms can also give your bedroom a fantastic design element.

39. Creating a theme

By using natural wood throughout the room the designer was able to create a theme.

40. fourposter bed

Four poster beds can add an element of surprise to your bedroom.

41. Bedroom library

If you love reading books than this library wall is a must for your bedroom.

42. Touch of colour

This neutrally decorated bedroom gets a touch of colour with the vibrant arm chair and stool.

43. Personal touch

To personalize your bedroom decoration adding family pictures is an excellent choice.

44. Chalk wall

If you are willing to experiment with the space than adding a chalk wall is a great idea.

45. Mirror panels

One can also add mirror panels on both sides of the bed to make the space look brighter.

46. Wall posters

If you do not want to add paintings then wall posters can also be a good choice.

47. Natural wood

Polished natural wood acts as a reflective surface making the room well lit.

48. Light strings

Incorporating similar light strings can help you create a fairy tail theme for your bedroom.

49. Natural theme

A natural theme can also be created by using animal prints and potted plants in your bedroom.

50. Storage hooks

Such wall mounted storage hooks are ideal for hanging your hats, scarfs and even handbags.

51. Creative ceiling lights

You do not always have to opt for chandeliers in your bedroom. Rather you can also create these artistic ceiling lights as per your design.

52. Walk-in closet

根據 dsgnduo 現代風

Having a see through walk-in closet can give your room a spectacular look.

53. Cushions

Neutrally designed rooms can also be decorated using colourful cushions.

54. Gray finish

A grey finish with natural wood can make your bedroom look classy.

55. Contrasting colours

Using contrasting colours will help you highlight different design features of your bedroom.

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