9 pictures of peaceful pooja room for small homes


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9 pictures of peaceful pooja room for small homes

亞洲風玄關、階梯與走廊 根據 SPACCE INTERIORS 日式風、東方風
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Once upon a time in India, almost every home had a room specially designated for prayers and meditation. However, in today’s world we cannot afford the luxury of having a separate room for pooja but we definitely need a space for the spiritual connection with our mind and soul. We need just a small space in our small home for that rendezvous with our God. How?

Have a look at these serene pictures of small pooja space designed by the talented Homify professionals for small homes. You surely will get ideas to create similar space in your beautiful home.

1. The partition of the room

Have you ever thought that the partition of the room can be used to create a pooja space in your small home? If not then take some inspiration from here and think about it. Believe us it will be a great utilization of space and will look amazing too.

​2. Recess on the wall

Every house has it, a recess on the wall or a piece of wall between two beams. Show your creativity, make use of that challenging space and convert it into your beautiful pooja room. Here is the picture for some ideas.

3. Temple of simplicity

In a small house show your imagination, take the liberty and make the pooja space into a piece of art and pride of your home. A textured wall, a simple platform of wood or marble and a beautiful statue of God sitting in a meditative pose on it; praying here will fill you with peace and solace.

4. Peace and serenity on the wall

We just need a serene environment and peaceful mind to pray. Simpler the pooja space, greater the tranquillity. This is what we exactly need for some quite time with God; a simple image of God hanging on the wall and an equally simple table to light up the lamps.

​5. In the shape and size of a cupboard

經典風格的走廊,走廊和樓梯 根據 homify 古典風

Make your pooja room in a cupboard. The designer doors of the pooja space with bells hanging on it will look fascinating. The drawers can be used as a storage space for numerous other items.

6. Solace in a corner

A quite corner with a beautiful framed painting of God and your faith is enough to create a pooja and meditation room in your home. Spend some time here and rejuvenate your soul.

7. The wall of faith

根據 homify 現代風

A wooden wall symbolically separating the room can also be used as a pooja space. Make it look amazing with peaceful lighting.

​8. Artistically creative

A curvy glass top sitting on a creative wooden stand with beautiful statue of the God and lamp will create a perfect pooja space for you. Take some inspiration from here and give it your personal touch for your home.

9. Wood and glass temple

現代廚房設計點子、靈感&圖片 根據 homify 現代風

A beautiful pooja space can be created in the open middle portion of the dining room cabinet. The elegant temple sandwiched between the glass and wood will look modern and classy.

For more ideas of temple for your home, click here.

現代房屋設計點子、靈感 & 圖片 根據 Casas inHAUS 現代風