6 tips to organise your house and keep it that way!


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6 tips to organise your house and keep it that way!

Asha Bogenfuerst Asha Bogenfuerst
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Keeping your house organised is one way of creating a home that is a joy to come back to. Nobody wants to arrive home to a mess, but it can be challenging maintaining an organised home at the same time. Organsing the house is one thing, keeping it that way is another! However, if you really organise your house effectively, it is more likely to stay that way, rather than if you just superficially organise it, and then it's back to square one a few weeks later. This idea guide is here to provide you with several good tips on how to organize your house so it stays that way. We hope you will find some inspiration to organise your house through this guide. Let's check out some of these ideas shall we? 

Prepare and beware

As a general rule of thumb, the organisation of your house should start in your head. So, prepare yourself mentally for the task ahead of you. Beware that you may need to get rid of a lot of things, and that getting rid of things you don't need can be harder than you think. 

Prepare lots of boxes or plastic bags with labels on them to put all your stuff into sensible categories. Some categories you can work with are such as stuff used frequently, stuff used sometimes, stuff used rarely, and stuff never used. Items in the last two categories – stuff used rarely and never used, should either be given away, sold, or thrown away. Make certain rules for yourself before you start so that you don't end up keeping everything anyway. 

Sell what you don't need

Sell what you don't need or else you will just be hoarding unnecessary stuff which will take up unnecessary space in your home. Have a garage sale or sell stuff online. You'll be surprised at how much money you can make and how much stuff you can get rid off. As they say, one man's trash is another man's treasure. 

If you can't sell all your stuff or you're feeling generous, give away your stuff to friends, family , or to charity. Condition yourself to feel good about getting rid off things so that next time you don't find yourself clinging on to things you don't need. 

Put all your sentimental things in a special box

現代  by Wooden Gift Company, 現代風
Wooden Gift Company

Wooden Sweet Box

Wooden Gift Company

Put all your sentimental things in a special box. You may not need a love letter from an ex, but then again you can't put a price, worth, or use to sentimental things. Sentimental things are like cherished memories, so find a special box to keep all your beautiful memories with you.

Pictured here, we see a beautiful wooden box carved with an intricate golden inlay. This lovely wooden box is available from Wooden Gift Company, furniture and accessories based in Kolkata, India. 

Give everything its own spot

Organisation is about making space for everything by giving everything its own spot. For example, as pictured here, give everything in your wardrobe its own spot by making a specific space for shoes, socks, underwear, t-shirts and coats. 

Consider integrating adjustable shelves to make space in your wardrobe for bulkier things such as bedding. You can also add extra baskets or boxes to your wardrobe to further categorise things into smaller parts. 

Use storage systems

The office/study 根據 K-Tribe Studió 簡約風
K-Tribe Studió

The office/study

K-Tribe Studió

Use storage systems such as filing systems and labeled boxes to store and organise things. Everything from paperwork to tools should be stored in this way. This may take up a lot of time, but at least things will stay organised like this, and you won't have to do it again and again. 

Put away things you hardly use in harder to reach places, and store things you use often in easily accessible storage spaces. Organising storage systems in this way makes things more convenient and practical. 

Browse through eclectic style cupboards and shelving here on homify for more ideas and inspiration. 

Reward yourself

Last but not least, reward yourself for taking the time and effort to organise your house. This reward will hopefully serve as an incentive for you to keep your house organised in the future. Reward yourself with something refreshing you fancy like a swim, a massage, or perhaps a favorite meal.

We hope you have found some useful tips to organise your home through this idea guide. For more related inspiration and ideas, have a look at how to organize the house for guests

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