​20 modern kitchens with marble and granite countertops


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​20 modern kitchens with marble and granite countertops

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
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At the end of the day, the kitchen remains a working space, meaning it needs to flaunt quite the practical look and present a host of functional elements – not just look beautiful. And of course the materials you pick to adorn your cooking space will play a part in how practical (and pretty) it is deemed to be.

That brings us to today’s piece – the use of marble or granite for your kitchen countertops, seeing as these two are some of the most popular choices due to not only their fabulous looks, but also divine sturdiness. 

But of course it’s not all smooth sailing when it comes to these materials, as marble, for example, is known as a porous material, meaning it’s quite impossible getting a tough stain out of that stone surface. Granite is also quite difficult once it’s been damaged, so be sure not to neglect its maintenance.

But be that as it may, if you are determined to place a marble or granite countertop in your kitchen, then consider today’s piece as prime inspiration for you.

1. The pattern of the granite countertops ensure a delightful character that offset quite nicely with the bold wooden surfaces.

2. Don’t think that granite doesn’t go well together with mosaic tiles – on the contrary, this tiled backsplash looks most enticing.

3. As granite is available in various shades, it can complement just about any material, like this caramel-toned wood.

4. Or how about something darker and more decadent?

5. See how striking that hot red becomes when mixed with neutral shades.

6. These light-hued granite and redwood surfaces ensure a beautifully contrasting end result.

7. For a space that needs to look elegant, marble is certainly king.

8. How about using stone to coat an entire breakfast bar, not just the top surface?

9. For a slight contrast, we recommend a soft-grey granite coating in an otherwise white kitchen.

10. Talk about creative designs, see how fantastically this island becomes a granite-coated dining table!

11. We love how the island’s marble gets repeated in the background, beautifully adorning the backsplash.

12. Or how about letting granite flow all the way upwards and coat up the entire wall?

13. Thanks to the dark wood and light granite, this kitchen flaunts an almost monochrome look.

14. Don’t you think this sandy (almost pink) hue gives the granite surfaces a slightly feminine look?

15. Even though this kitchen is quite narrow, it manages to flaunt a lot of style with its white marble and beach-toned wood.

16. Who knew a classy, marble-coated island could look right at home in an industrial-styled kitchen?

17. If you want that granite/marble to enjoy all the attention, better limit its quantity and let it style up, say, just the island.

18. A lover of dark granite and dark wood? Better inject that cooking space with some strong lighting, then.

19. We think those top cabinets can work in just about any colour, thanks to the bottom part of the kitchen enjoying a monochrome scheme.

20. Less is more; thus, let granite coat up only the island and a small portion of the wall, as this examples shows us.

Now let’s take a look at 7 wall-cladding ideas for your kitchen.

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