7 ideas for furnishing big rooms


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7 ideas for furnishing big rooms

Sunita Vellapally Sunita Vellapally
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Without proper planning or ideas, the dream of furnishing big spaces can turn into a nightmare. However, we have some tips to make it easy for you to make every room as comfortable as possible.

Do you have an open-plan layout with the living room, dining room and kitchen combined into a single space, or are the walls so high that you feel a bit lost? Whatever the cause of discomfort that you experience in a huge room, it can be solved with the right furnishing and design. You can also hire a professional to help you with it. 

It is important to create smaller and cosier islands within the large space, when you are furnishing big rooms. This can be done, by the clever placement of furniture or by structuring the flooring. In addition, it is advantageous if all the objects are coordinated. For example, having a colour or texture running through the room helps to create a harmonious atmosphere. Even if this is not done, it needn’t necessarily make large rooms look uncomfortable. Colourful furniture, neon shades or a mix of materials can also add more vitality to any large space. Here are some tips.

Large rooms, large furniture

Living Foyer Area 根據 homify 日式風、東方風

Living Foyer Area


Furnishing big rooms has a definite advantage – there are no restrictions when it comes to the selection of furniture. In a large living room, you can finally fit the long-dreamed of L-shaped sofa lounger, while in a spacious bedroom, you’ll have enough room for the huge king bed that invites you to cuddle. 

When furnishing big spaces to make them more comfortable, large-sized furniture is important, because it brings in cosy flair.

Wood for a warm environment

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Wood is the ideal material for furnishing big rooms. Whether it is in the form of furniture or the floor covering – the natural material is known for its cosy appearance, and it spreads a warm ambiance throughout the room. In general, the darker shade of the wooden floor, the cosier the room.

Create comfort

master bedroom 根據 A Mans Creation 現代風
A Mans Creation

master bedroom

A Mans Creation

Cushions and blankets increase the comfort on the couch or the bed, but what about the floor? For a large room to be even more comfortable, the floor can also be embellished with soft textiles. A long pile carpet is not only perfect as a foot warmer but can also serve as a play mat in the children's room. Thanks to the washable surface, these carpets are suitable for any room. You’ll find them in diverse colours, and the best part of furnishing big spaces with them is that you can even use dark or bold colours safely without worrying about making the room look cramped.

Shorten the wall visually

In rooms with a very high ceiling, we often feel a little lost. An optical trick can help you to remedy this. To make the ceiling appear slightly lower, there are two possibilities.  Firstly, the wall can be painted only up to a certain height. The upper white edge then visually connects with the ceiling, giving the feeling of a slightly lower room height. 

Secondly, dark colours make the walls look spatially closer. This trick can be used for the ceiling as well. By painting them in a dark red, blue or green, this part of the room appears smaller. 

In general, darker colours are recommended for the wall design when furnishing big rooms, as they provide a more comfortable and cosy feel.

Use textiles

Sheer Voile Curtains with Soft Grey Fabric Curtains 现代客厅設計點子、靈感 & 圖片 根據 International Soft Furnishers 現代風
International Soft Furnishers

Sheer Voile Curtains with Soft Grey Fabric Curtains

International Soft Furnishers

The ceiling height in large rooms can be used for decorative purposes. A sky bed or beautiful curtains are particularly effective here. A room can be given a royal touch with textiles. For example, in this room with large windows, what can be more striking than the luxurious curtains hanging from ceiling height? The advantage of furnishing big rooms is that they present the optimum space to work with.

Room dividers

House in Chandlers Ford II 現代風玄關、走廊與階梯 根據 LA Hally Architect 現代風
LA Hally Architect

House in Chandlers Ford II

LA Hally Architect

An open plan kitchen that connects with the dining room and the living area is a dream for many people. However, this design can be a burden, especially when you want a bit more privacy and peace. A practical solution for this problem is sliding doors. They can be used to open or close the room as required. Nowadays, sliding doors come in versatile designs, making them a beautiful design element for furnishing big spaces.

Personal touches

現代  by lunosa, 現代風



While in small rooms, one tends to decorate everything lovingly down to the last detail, this process is often neglected in large rooms. However, large rooms particularly benefit from personal touches.  A simple and yet impressive decoration idea for furnishing big rooms is a collage of photos or unique, self-made décor or accessories.

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