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Picking the right dining table- It is not only round or rectangular!

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Dining tables in a home are central to creating memories with families or friends but with space constraints, it becomes important to pick the right shape and size for your home. Read on for tips on picking the best one for you.

1. Right Positioning

現代  by Wharfside Furniture, 現代風
Wharfside Furniture

Retro Corian Dining Table

Wharfside Furniture

This kind of a table should be used with careful consideration of the available space and with an understanding that moving around the table should neither be restrictive for the host or the guests. Being peculiar in the way it sits in a room, you should know that it cannot be pitted against a wall and it needs to stand alone in the room. Whether it is a round or a square table, they do not come in bigger sizes and hence there is a limitation in how big it can get.

產業  by Salvation Furniture, 工業風
Salvation Furniture

Kanteen Table in Reclaimed French Oak

Salvation Furniture

On the other hand, looking at a rectangular table, you can see how well it sits against a wall. What is good is that you have more seating space with this kind of a table.


現代  by Amber Design, 現代風
Amber Design

Norweigian Wood

Amber Design

Apart from warm cosy family meals, what is necessary to consider is how people-friendly will the table be. When it is a rectangular table there is always the possibility that the guests at the head of the table automatically take the seat of importance. However, in a square or round table, people are equally important at the dining table as you face each other making for great, fun conversations.

3. Size

Apart from considering which occupies less space, a round or rectangular or even a square, understanding how many people you need to accommodate is a critical factor. If you are someone who throws lavish and big celebrations with several people, rectangular tables are the way to do. They not only look elaborate but are extremely functional.

4. The Look You Prefer

Tables are designed differently and one thing that is convenient about round tables is that it does not have four separate legs making it convenient for people to sit without hitting the other’s legs.

5. Edges

Round tables work well for small homes with children as there are no sharp corners which they can inadvertently bump into.

In summary,

While round or square tables for a dining roomwith their comfort and versatilityseem like the right choice for your home, large parties and celebrations may become difficult.

Palma de Malljorca (Home) 根據 Lewis & Co 現代風
Lewis & Co

Palma de Malljorca (Home)

Lewis & Co

If you think practical, functional and dramatic at the same time, then the choice is most definitely rectangular. Not only will you have space those big gatherings but it will surely lend a classic and stylish look to your home.

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