20 pictures of outdoor areas to relax this summer


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20 pictures of outdoor areas to relax this summer

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
 露臺 by Plena Madeiras Nobres, 現代風
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Having a garden or a terrace at home represents much more than just the possibility of spending time outdoors. Also, it allows you to enjoy the daily routine at home in different ways. Terraces, balconies, and gardens are like an extension of the house, especially during the summer. In addition to offering a living environment to enjoy with the family during the week, outdoor areas are also perfect for gathering friends on weekends.

With a well planned open area, it is possible to invite everyone to celebrate the commemorative dates together.  The best part about this is that you can party in style and comfort. Sometimes with the help of only attractive decor, you can turn the terrace into an appropriate space for this purpose. With the help of our professionals, we have gathered some inspiring ideas so that your outside area is perfect for receiving friends and family.

1. Elegant curtains

This place showcases beautiful lights, curtains and many flowers which are ideal for it decoration.

2. Comfortable setting

Here we can see a comfortable setting with plenty of space for everyone to enjoy.

3. Gourmet kitchen

You can also create a gourmet kitchen on your terrace which is equipped to handle all of your needs.

4. A beautiful view

In case you have a beautiful outdoor view then opt for furniture that is worthy of the scenery.

5. Stylish

Create a very stylish and tasteful barbecue space with a similar looking decor.

6. Multifunctional

A multifunctional and recreational environment can be achieved with a pool table and a kitchen.

7. Elegant atmosphere

The wood used within this area matches the white color to create an elegant atmosphere.

8. Flowers

The designer opted for vases of flowers to give a subtle charm to the external areas.

9. Lighting

If you want to use your outdoor area at night as well, then you must have well-planned lighting.

10. Small backyards

Even small backyards have the potential to accommodate short and cozy events.

11. Rustic style

In a rustic style, decor comfort is guaranteed.

12. Glass cover

Using similar glass covers will bring more flexibility to the terrace.

13. Finishes

Finishes that complement the area can bring harmony and are perfect for all occasions.

14. Tropical

A tropical setting for your garden or terrace is perfect for summers.

15. Decorative net

Accessories like a rocking net can be used to decorate the space with charm.

16. Apartments

Apartments or flats can also have a beautiful outdoor space.

17. Awning

An awning can provide shade and protection whenever needed.

18. Relaxing ambiance

You can create a complete environment by mixing elements.

19. Practical

The most practical decoration is a wooden pergola along with some curtains.

20. Metal structure

The metal structure used highlights the external environment of this space.

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 房子 by Casas inHAUS, 現代風