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A home for the rustic at heart

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In the sunny south of Portugal is a cottage that encapsulates the best of modern living in the most rustic setting. This vision is brought alive by landscapers AT&V – Saaranha & Vasconcelos. Let us take a quick trip through this fantastic cottage.

​Rustic and warm

This spacious cottage allows for a warm welcome to all with its large and airy interiors.

​Welcoming exteriors

The space is designed to accommodate visitors’ cars and the palm forms a simple highlight.

​Extending spaces

Shaded terraces and a stream nearby provide coolness and freshness.

​Airy terrace

Beautifully equipped terrace meant for relaxed contemplation

​Colourful Outdoor seating

Vibrant colours to offset the plain backdrop

​Individualistic decor

Splashes of colour and a rustic décor with the vases and rugs brighten the entry.

​Comfortable living room

As we enter we see an interesting arrangement of comfortable seating and a leather coffee table.

​Sunny and airy

The brightness of the living room is accentuated by soft carpets and light colours.

​Celebrating rusticity

Every piece of décor salutes the rustic lifestyle from the wall hanging to the rugs and the plentiful use of wood.

​High ceiling

The tall roof allows for plenty of aeration.

​Cosy living room

A second seating arrangement is made cosy with floral sofas, pastel walls and an eye catching wood and stone coffee table.

​Enthralling details

The large, black metal fireplace and the carved wooden cabinet add a lot of character to the room

​Integrating spaces

Division and harmony is achieved with this wood and iron rustic sliding door

​Stunning dining room

The large table and comfortable chairs in a stunning setting welcomes visitors with elegance and charm

Beautiful kitchen

A large space is converted into a charming kitchen with stunning ceramics and a cosy breakfast table.

​Vibrant colours

In this area approaching the staircase a red and white combination and a wall painting create a distinct atmosphere.

​Well-lit bedroom

Soft colours reflect the natural light creating a cheerful bedroom

​Elegant décor

The other side of the room sports vintage furniture and interesting wall frames.

​Bathroom décor

A skylight brightens this well organised bathroom with low stools and wicker baskets.

​Second bedroom

Bright headboards on the twin beds and a metal bird cage adorn this earthy room.

​Another cheerful bedroom

Soft colours and natural light are the highlight of this room as well

​Elegance of stone

This bathroom has a distinct character with its stone finishes.

​White dream

This bedroom follows a white and grey colour scheme for a cool effect.

​Creative guest room

The bunker beds help up by ropes are a unique space saving solution as well as welcoming to a large number of guests.

​Copper accents

This bedroom has metal accents balanced by pastel colours and a red door.

Earthy tones

Wood and earth set the tone for this rustic bedroom.             

​Simple comfort

Soft and simple beds to enjoy the cool climate.

​Cottage accents

The furniture is simple and elegant.

​Common area

An upstairs seating area with comfortable sofas and interesting art on the walls.

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現代房屋設計點子、靈感 & 圖片 根據 Casas inHAUS 現代風