How to keep cables out of sight in your home office

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A pretty home office is great, but one thing that can take a striking space to the next level is to be so organized that none of your appliance cables are on show. This can be a tricky task in an office, as you'll have computer cables, chargers and all manner of other items out on show, but we think we've come up with a few cool ways to hide those unsightly connections! Come take a look and then think about how you can hide your pesky cables for a sleek and modern aesthetic.

1. Double surface spaces!

Spring Charm Pixers 書房/辦公室

Spring Charm


The way this desk has been designed, to give ample open shelf space below the actual work surface, is genius, as any cable can be fed through there, out of the back and always hidden from view! Mobile phone and tablet chargers will be particularly easy to disguise.

2. A sliding cubby.

Cable-Tidy Home Office Desk Finoak LTD 書房/辦公室桌子
Finoak LTD

Cable-Tidy Home Office Desk

Finoak LTD

How about choosing a desk that has been specifically designed to hide all your cables, in a sliding-top cubby recess? When you have nothing plugged in, there will be no visible signs of technology at all! We think your carpenter could definitely design something inspired by this!

3. Use the legs!

This is a fantastic DIY and cheap idea! Grab a few zip ties, in the same color as your desk legs, and simply run all your cables down the legs, tying in place periodically. Snip the cable ties nice and short so they disappear from view.

4. Flush-fit everything above.

In terms of light cables, take inspiration from this super desk cubby, which sees lighting flush-fit in the panel above the desk, leaving no cables on show at all. That really is a clever idea!

5. Mount a power source at the back of your desk.

AB Desk AFID Design 書房/辦公室桌子

If you fix an extension cable to the back of your desk, you can then plug all your electrical items in and then just have one single cable running to your plug socket. This might not totally hide them all, but it will create a far neater aesthetic.

6. Don't have any cables!

Rudyard Desk Loaf 辦公空間與店舖

Rudyard Desk


Finally, we know this is a daring suggestion, but how about not having cables at all? Making your desk a tech-free zone can help to focus the mind and help you to make better to-do lists. If you must have a computer, how about a small tablet or laptop? When the battery runs out, you've done enough!

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