​10 swimming pools perfect for smaller yards


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​10 swimming pools perfect for smaller yards

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
 泳池 by Piscinas Scualo, 現代風
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Nothing beats diving into a cool blue pool to wash away the summer sweat, especially considering the high temperatures South Africa will be facing shortly. But if your back yard is not big enough to host a gigantic swimming pool, don’t feel left out – we’ve searched high and low for these 10 designs that fit perfectly into a smaller backyard without losing any of their style or appeal.

Let’s get inspired…

1. Who knew an ordinary corner could be done up like this with not only a curvy pool, but also a garden shed structure for the pump?

2. A smaller yard might mean a shallower pool, but even that can still look super classy and welcoming.

3. To increase your smaller pool’s depth, you can consider an elevated design with steps – how exceptional is this?

4. Don’t forget that combining different materials (wood, stone, etc.) can result in an eye-catching design for your pool.

5. This one is by no means long enough to practice laps, but it can still make for a super fun day of cooling off.

6. Take note of the colours that you use for your pool – it needs to complement the rest of your yard/garden.

7. Paying less for a smaller pool can also mean a little extra cash for accessories, like a stylish water feature, perhaps?

8. Notice how the warm hues of the stone contrast with the coolness of the blue water – how enticing!

9. Even the smallest of pools can still provide both shallow and deep ends to cater for all ages.

10. Of course the right finishing touches (i.e. potted plants, loungers) will make that small pool seem like your own private paradise.

Have a look at How much does it cost to build a pool in South Africa? for some more inspiration.

 房子 by Casas inHAUS, 現代風