15 rustic houses you will love

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Celia Beatriz Arquitetura 房子
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There’s an expression that goes, ‘Home is where the heart is’.Most people we know, spend considerable effort to find a place they can call home.Here are some wonderful rustic designs to look through when you design that new home.

1. Gabled roof magic

The tried and tested gable roof has a design that is simple to execute and could also save you money.

2. Room for many

If you have a big family, then opt for a second storey and there’s plenty of room for everyone. A sizeable patio could also be very useful for family gatherings

3. Large windows do wonders

Green lawns and flower beds are meant to be viewed and enjoyed. So, install large windows to savour the view. This also allows plenty of sunlight into your house. Also use natural brick and stone for the exterior to harmonize with the outdoors.

4. Small yet charming

For those of you who like compact, easy living, there is nothing better than a lovely mini cottage with a bamboo roof and fence. It is environment friendly and gives the house a quaint look.

5. Traditional beauty

A very traditional, timeless and loved design is the log cabin. This is a strong house and picturesque too. The presence of skylights in the roof ensure ample sunlight can filter through.

6. Simple and beautiful

Log Cabin homify 庭院 木頭 Wood effect

Log Cabin


Here is an example of a totally no-nonsense modern home with wood-panelled exterior. Small, yet functional. Couple it with a beautifully tiled courtyard.

7. Spacious and rustic

If it is space you seek, then you should be looking at a beautiful country house designs with high ceilings and long and sturdy patios. We love spacious rustic style homes.

8. Traditional wonder

This traditional little beauty is very popular among home buyers. The use of lofts as residential areas, large windows and a beautiful patio in the backyard is quite charming.

9. Neat little beauty

A single-storey gem, easy to build and maintain, is a much-loved home design.

10. A place to laze around

Home owners love a little bit of extra space to enjoy the sun, as this image shows. A terrace built at the back is ideal for lazy summer days.

11. Open and artsy

An open cottage design with bright yellow walls and elevated living areas is for those who like rustic style homes. With metallic lamps and stereo boxes attached to the woodwork of the door, this cottage is for art lovers.

12. Stone and timber delight

A modern home, simplistic in style and very pleasing to the eye, sporting stone walls, timber shutters and a shaded porch is ideal home for a relaxed lifestyle.

13. Unique roof makes all the difference

Slope it all the way with an out of the world ceiling. Wake up in an incredibly beautiful house with solid timber beams and glass walls, with a ceiling that makes it completely unique.

14. Old world charm revisited

Beige coloured solid stone walls, little balconies and the huge rooms of this house will be sure to remind you of a Spanish dwelling house in a large estate.

15. Charming abode for ultimate relaxation

Whether it is concrete, wood, stone or bricks, what matters most while building a home, is the charm of living in it.Keep getting inspired with another story - 5 single-storey houses that will inspire you