Modern living rooms: 12 fabulous ideas for the wall behind the sofa


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Modern living rooms: 12 fabulous ideas for the wall behind the sofa

Asha Bogenfuerst Asha Bogenfuerst
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Modern interior design trends for living room walls range from real stone and wood cladding to wall cladding made of sheet metal and MDF. All of them are suitable for dry rooms such as the living room and especially for the wall behind the sofa. With so many options available for walls, it would be a pity to fail to highlight the social areas of the home such as the living room, or more specifically, the wall behind the sofa.  

In this book of ideas, we provide some ideas and inspiration together with pictures from our interior designers and architects at homify so that you can picture it in your living room and see what will suit your home the best. 

1. A wall of combined coatings

Pictured here we see wall all of beige slabs in non-uniform size. In the center of the wall, there is a wooden frame containing large reddish river stones, which create a beautiful contrast to highlight the focal point of this home. 

2. The wall a tone darker than the sofa and the well-lit niche

Whatever color your sofa is, pick a color for the wall that is just one tone darker. This is a quick and easy way to change the feel of your living room, and you can do it yourself. 

In this case, the wall has a niche which is illuminated with LEDs, creating a minimalist style focal wall for the living room.The light itself is the decoration, so it is not necessary to fill the niche in the wall with ornaments; remember less is more when it comes to minimalism. 

3. The stone wall

Behind the Chester-style sofa, a slate stone cladding of the same hue – simply beautiful. And if you want something more, look at the false ceiling with a 3D image of a bees nest. Additionally, this ceiling stands out with its avant-garde style, especially when combined with the classic sofa and modern coffee table.

4. A stone niche

This wall coating with Pythagorean inspiration is very interesting as the circle in the middle of the wall that is filled with stone is actually part of the lining of the false wall. 

5. Rustic wood panels

The rustic wood panels framed with a wooden strip that limits it before the ceiling adds just the right touch to this living room. This option has the magic of giving warmth to what could be cold and meaningless. Really cozy!

If you like the idea of wall panels, but you're not sure if wood is the right material for your home, have a look at how to choose the right material for the wall panels.

6. Completely rustic and industrial

For an industrial style, go with bare cement blocks, no frieze and no paint. And to highlight it, an iron lamp forming a hexagonal prism. 

7. The wall behind the sofa and everything else

A tapestry of blue tones directs the palette in this living room. We love how the colors and the upholstery are coordinated with the table and its iridescent color. And finally the cushions tie everything together and unite the design.

8. Multi-colored blocks

Create a modern, versatile wall as seen here with multicolored blocks and a rectangular black frame, and match the colors with the sofa and cushions to create a gorgeous color symmetry in the living room. It's an interesting design, as each complements the other. 

9. Stones and neutral paint


Departamento del Valle


Pictured here we can see that stones have been attached to the wall in an irregular and disorderly manner, and coated with a matte paint of neutral color. Finally, the stone wall is further highlighted with focused light.

10. Wood and lines

 客廳 by homify, 工業風

The whole wall has been covered with large format wood sheets. On it lines have been drawn that allow a visual game of an ephemeral dimension. It is complemented with a large square shaped sofa, creating a geometric visual game and thus another illusion.

11. With wallpaper

With wallpaper imitating refractory bricks, the extraordinary effect in this room is achieved, which together with the rustic wood floor, brings a great personality and mood to this living room.

12. With patchwork type tiles

These multi-colored tiles with designs similar to the traditional art of patchwork is a great way to liven up the wall behind the sofa with a very youthful and cheerful mood. If you're looking to create an eclectic style living room, this may be for you. 

We hope you've been inspired to give your living room the focal wall it deserves. Join us again on homify next time for more great ideas. 

 房子 by Casas inHAUS, 現代風