An Outstanding House of High Drama

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ESTUDIO GEYA 現代房屋設計點子、靈感 & 圖片
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Both luxurious and comfortable, this recently finished two-story home is a beautiful example of modern architecture. Designed for a professional couple, there’s been so much thought put into every detail of the build. We particularly love the outstanding use of hardwood timbers, steel and concrete for the interiors, with so many surprises to be found throughout. 

Delivered by Argentinian experts from Estudio Geya, you’ll soon grow to appreciate the firm’s eye passion for modern architecture and interior design.

So, with no further introduction necessary, come and take a tour with us of this outstanding domain!

Curb appeal

Exotic and high-quality materials reign supreme on the front façade. A bold yet modest structure greets the owners and guests to the residence. 

Enhancing the bold, symmetrical appearance of the home is a combination of vertical timber panels and huge glazings. The concrete framing provides not only a unique design aesthetic but appears as a sign of the home's strength and solidity.

Defiantly modern

Gloriously radiant inside, the high ceilings and modern materials distinguish the open-plan social zone. The space always feels warm and welcoming thanks to the choice of soft furnishings and accessories that contrast against the strong structural materials of timber, steel and concrete. 

The L-shaped couch not only distinguishes the lounge from the rest of the broader social zone but it also helps to create an intimate and comfy space. 

Regal marble

A new material, marble, is introduced in the kitchen, giving the space a majestic appeal. The architects designed the kitchen with a minimalist aesthetic, while still managing to create a lot of drama by the inclusion of stand-out finishes. Look no further than the shining stainless steel appliances that pair well with the stark white surfaces. 

Nothing but warmth

The industrial look provided by the exposed concrete ceiling has well and truly established itself as unique interior décor feature. The concrete remains uncovered or altered and appears as a proud and important design aspect of the master bedroom. 

A few paces beyond the bed, at the rear of the room, is a corner for private work or reading. An armchair besides the window is positioned to give those reading natural illumination and views of the garden for when they pause from the pages.  

Serene aesthetic

In the master en suite we are able to see the beautiful modern design within. The bathroom is a study in white, chosen to evoke a modern yet serene aesthetic and ambience. The colour scheme is muted with the same tiles used throughout the floor and walls, serving as a dramatic design statement. 

Rear of the year

As we are leaving the property we are treated with a view of the home from the rear. Having started from the street view, we can see how the exterior varies from the front. In comparison, there are naturally far less timber panels covering the glass, allowing this side of the home to be more open and exposed. 

This more exposed side of the home is able to open wide to the garden and small patio, providing an al fresco dining experience. When the weather is nice the glass doors can remain open all day to freshen the interiors. 

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