​Beautiful alternatives to the classic bathroom tile

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It’s been quite a while since the bathroom was seen as the ‘hidden’ space in a house; true, it still possesses a certain privacy about it (for reasons which are clear to all), yet it’s become known as a more open space these days, especially when it comes to its style and design.

Think about it: you want your bathroom to be welcoming, not only for you but also your guests. And that dictates a certain look that needs to be followed. But before you roll your eyes about the done-to-death tile designs styling up countless bathrooms worldwide, let’s consider a few other alternatives that can also make any bathroom look like quite the chic space…

1. Concrete

The industrial look is the future, according to those in the know. And concrete rules supreme in the category of materials.

Just look at the unique style that concrete conjures up here. It’s elegance meets raw simplicity, and it goes so well with any additional colours and finishes.

2. Glass bricks

Used by many designers and architects as space separators in open-plan layouts, glass bricks ensure an opaqueness styled up in colour and pattern. And let’s not forget about the magic that happens once light hits those smooth surfaces and the dazzle is bounced around the room.

3. Natural stone

Take the natural splendour of concrete and put a more stylish spin on it – that’s what you get with natural stone, which is available in numerous finishes, textures and colours to peacefully co-exist with any other materials. 

Let’s see how to go about Using natural stone on walls.

4. Pebble mosaics

Definitely an option that will give a space a unique and unexpected focal point. Pebble mosaics are quite popular in the southern parts of Europe where they decorate numerous exterior surfaces, yet now they’re (rightfully) finding their way indoors. 

Look at the striking effect achieved by styling up this backsplash and part of the shower wall in matching pebble mosaics.

5. Mediterranean tiles

Mexican, Spanish, Tunisian… these beauties have numerous names, yet their eye-catching effect is one and the same. Morocco first realised the style power of these colourful and patterned tiles, yet it’s been a while since this option has travelled across the globe to style up numerous spaces and surfaces, like kitchen backsplashes, hallway floors… and now bathrooms, too.

6. Black is back

Regardless of the material (stone, brick, glass, etc.), think dark and bold hues to give your bathroom a cutting-edge look. But be careful to include a few other hues to break that dark monotony just a tad, as shown in this super modern example above. 

And paired with the right finishes and lighting fixtures, your dark bathroom can become the most stylish space in your entire home. 

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