Oak kitchen units


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Oak kitchen units

Steph Mann Steph Mann
  by Arlington Interiors,
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Oak is naturally a hard and strong wood. It is resistant to fungal attack and the grain in the wood itself is very attractive. It used to be used to build boats, which shows just how hardy it is. Commonly used for furniture making, it is the perfect choice for kitchen units.

The wood looks classic and contemporary all at the same time giving a unique edge over other woods. It can make a kitchen look new or more traditional and this gives it huge flexibiity in design.

Simplicity at it's best

 系統廚具 by NAKED Kitchens,
NAKED Kitchens

The Golden Tones of This Oak Kitchen

NAKED Kitchens

We love this simple look. There is absolutely nothing pretentious about this kitchen at all. The units are very minimalist and modern looking and match very well with the stainless steel contemporary appliances. With the white wall and light streaming in, the kitchen looks very open and light. The floor goes well with the units and helps bring out the colour of the wood.

Shabby oak

Oak can never really be shabby can it? It can, however be shabby chic. Designed by Treasure Trove , this oak dresser has been given a new lease of life. The joy of shabby chic is that it is such a versatile design platform. Things can look distressed or just aged, like this unit here. It has been given a new colour and we think it works really well. The attention to detail make it look beautiful. We feel this oak unit would go well in any country kitchen.

Classic mixed with modern

Any kitchen would really look good in oak. This one is very traditional looking and not just the units! The exposed oak beams really help the kitchen become part of the actual house. The oak units are a lovely natural colour and the island in the middle is a lovely addition too. It has extra shelving too for storage, giving it even more appeal (as if it needed it). The kitchen is brought more up to date with the worktops looking more modern, and they just add to the look.

Ultra modern

 廚房 by Arlington Interiors,
Arlington Interiors

Wenge & Ferrara Oak Kitchen

Arlington Interiors

We love that oak is so flexible in it's looks. From the traditional above to the much more modern look it has here. This kitchen is made up of ex display Miele appliances and worktops. The designers took these ex display units too, and put them in a new build home. It works really well and just shows us how oak can be modern.

Curved oak

 廚房 by Hout Design,
Hout Design

Oak Kitchen with curved detail

Hout Design

When it comes to wood, we sometimes think of it as being hard. However we forget how flexible and malleable it really is. Here we can see just how flexible it is. This curved oak unit looks wonderful. With the warm orange tones of the oak on the top and bottom, and the colourful band of blue in the middle. It makes the kitchen look homely and a well used family space.

Straight lines

We go from the curved to the straight. This oak kitchen unit has nothing but straight edges all the way around it. This makes it feel very contemporary and modern. Yet the wood always gives the impression of something  a little older. It would go as well here as it would in a more traditional space. It offers the perfect place for preparing dinner or as an extra serving platform during dinner parties.

Mixed materials working well

 廚房 by PAN|brasilia UK Ltd,
PAN|brasilia UK Ltd

View from the Utility

PAN|brasilia UK Ltd

This room is very traditional looking and it works well. It uses a real mixture of natural materials to achieve this look. The oak units really sit well with the soapstone worktops and sink. It is a one of a kind kitchen as the room would never look the same, even if it was made twice, everything is bespoke. The worktop is 50 million years old (so a lot older than the oak!) and has fossilised fish ingrained with it, making this kitchen very unique indeed.

A splash of colour

 廚房 by Christopher Howard,
Christopher Howard

Oak and hand painted kitchen with Island

Christopher Howard

The oak cabinets in this photo are slightly overshadowed by the blue units at the front. We like that the colour combination works so well. With modern appliances in stainless steel, there is a real mix here. The finish of this kitchen is one that is a family home and well used. We love this about it. There is a lot of storage from the oak wine rack to the bookshelf. The space is functional and funky. The floor tiles add to the overall appearance too and certainly don't detract from the wood.

Contemporary oak

 廚房 by Urban Myth,
Urban Myth

Urban Style Magnolia satin & Terra oak kitchen

Urban Myth

Here we can see a real contemporary take on oak. The lacquer terra oak units look very modern and new. This is a wonderful way to bring oak into the modern age, whist still benefitting from everything it has to offer. The darker colour goes very well with the lightened island in the middle, creating a real sense of space.

Hampton Court kitchen

 廚房 by deVOL Kitchens,
deVOL Kitchens

The Hampton Court Kitchen by deVOL

deVOL Kitchens

This Hampton Court kitchen is a real mixture of styles. From Shaker to English, it really is taking the elements of tradition and putting them together. We love the idea of taking two designs and mixing them together. It is a beautiful combination and works well. The rustic oak in the island unit in the middle, to the marble worktops. Everything about the kitchen not only looks stunning, but is extremely functional. Whatever colour  you decide to design your kitchen in, it is worth remembering that mixing light and dark, as in this image can help create the illusion of space.

 房子 by Casas inHAUS,