​Before and after: an outdated pool gets a glorious new look


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​Before and after: an outdated pool gets a glorious new look

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
根據 Diaz Pools
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There’s no excuse to be stuck with an outdated space or element in (or outside) your home, whether that be a hallway floor, a living room fireplace, a kitchen island or even the little fence surrounding your garden – expert professionals and DIY tips are available in abundance here on homify, as well as renovation pieces showing you (step by step) how to turn any ugly old thing into something beautiful, like today’s piece which highlights an old pool that was severely neglected and very… well, ugly. 

But cheer up, for this story does have a stylish ending: the ugly old pool, through the magic of traditional coatings and clever professionals, got treated to a superb new look.

Let’s see how it happened…

Before: Horribly outdated

This old pool definitely needed a lot of love and attention. The passing of time (and a good dose of negligence) ensured a worn-out appearance – just look at the faded paint and the grimy surfaces.

Work in Progress: A brand new staircase

For safety and aesthetic reasons, a new staircase is being added in – here we see the bricks and concrete blocks forming the sturdy foundation. 

Notice how the steps also flaunt a curvy shape to complement the pool’s soft edges.

Work in Progress: The cement coating

Next up, coating the brick steps with a neat covering of cement to ensure a smooth and stylish appearance, which leads us to the next step…

Work in Progress: PVC lining

… coating the surfaces with PVC (polyvinyl chloride) sheets – a durable and watertight lining system that flaunts a strong inner core of polyester mesh fabric that’s ideal for commercial pool applications. 

And we just love the mosaic-tile style of the sheets, adding so much glittering blueness to the swimming pool!

Work in Progress: PVC lining continued

But what benefits can be enjoyed with PVC?  

• It is abrasion-resistant and lightweight.  

• It's so easy to install as it can be cut, shaped and joined quickly in a variety of styles.  

• It is resistant to weathering, chemical rotting and corrosion.  

• As it is the world's most researched and thoroughly tested plastic, it's one of the safest materials to use in construction.

Work in Progress: Safety touches

Notice the pale-blue lines added to the steps to make distinguishing them so much easier.

After: Swim time!

And the project is complete! And it would seem the tiled flooring surrounding the pool also flaunts a striking new look, just in time for summer!

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