33 Amazing and cool facade ideas for your home


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33 Amazing and cool facade ideas for your home

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
 車庫/遮陽棚 by Plena Madeiras Nobres, 現代風
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The entrance to your home is the cover letter and a prelude to what comes next. To be perfect, the facade of the house should not only bet on the dimensions of the building. But should also make a good impression on the personal choices that mark the decoration of this space.

To show you how an entrance can create the feeling of welcome, we have gathered 33 great examples of delicate projects with the most varied compositions. From ideas with vegetation to concrete it includes all. These incredible projects will bring divine inspirations to make your home even more special.

1. Creepers and plants

Add a natural touch with creepers and plants to give a pleasant welcome.

2. Marble

You can choose elegant and sturdy stones such as marble as well.

3. Touch of wood

Forget the old stone trails and leave the entrance more natural with a touch of wood.

4. Wooden door

Bet on elegance with a beautiful and solid wooden door.

5. Rustic materials

You can also bet on the sum of textures with rustic materials such as stone and wood.

6. Plants

 房子 by homify, 現代風

High-rise plants always draw attention in the front garden.

7. A discreet entry

A discreet entry can help get out of the ordinary and promote privacy.

8. Hallways

A stone or concrete hallway can make all the difference.

9. An artificial fountain

An artificial fountain or lake can provide contrasts between natural and synthetic elements.

10. Mediterranean style

Add a touch of Mediterranean style with colorful tiles.

11. Wood and stones

You can use wood to warm the environment and pots with white stones to compose elegance.

12. Tiled entrance

A stone or tile entrance is as rustic as it is sophisticated.

13. Italian tuscany

Admire the charm of Italian Tuscany at the entrance of the home with ocher colors and elements in wood or stone.

14. Floor lamps

Create lighting effects with floor lamps to compose country-style originality.

15. Grassy path and shrubs

Let the plants be protagonists with a grassy path which are flanked by small shrubs.

16. A pergola

Offer a touch of distinction and intimacy with a pergola cover at the entrance of the home.

17. Traditional designs

Choose roofs with traditional designs that offer more space for shade.

18. A wide door

You can opt for a full door as it offers an extra highlight with good lighting.

19. LED lighting

Choose LED lighting to give a touch of modernity.

20. Sloping garden

Use the slope of the land in your favor and choose different plants to increase the environment.

21. Concrete walls

Follow the trend of apparent concrete walls to create a designer facade. 

22. Darker stones

Use darker shade stones to create a grand entrance.

23. Medium illumination

Create effects with light colors and medium illumination for an elegant result.

24. With straight lines

By choosing this design, you will be able to enjoy a beautiful, modern, and a rectangular facade.

25. Dark pergola

You can improve the small spaces by adding a dark pergola to contrast with the scenery.

26. Natural elements

Join natural elements to compose the entrance aisles.

27. Colorful concrete

Join natural elements to compose the entrance aisles.

28. Classic designs

Reinvent the facade of your home with the traditional classic style.

29. Create contrast

Contrast is the key to success. Using light and dark tones will make the entrance of the house stand out.

30. Polished marble

Choose white or polished marble for a clean and elegant finish.

31. Wood and masonry

Inspire yourself with the composition of wood and masonry. It creates a warm and country environment.

32. A garden

Choose a garden with flowers of different colors and stones of various sizes to be the center of attention.

33. Romantic aura

Use lights to create a romantic aura and to inspire tranquility.

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 房子 by Casas inHAUS, 現代風