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27 stunning ideas to integrate your kitchen with dining

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Food is a great reason to bond, and hence kitchen is the a great place to spend time with family, to enjoy fresh and delicious food right in its place of origin. Since Canadian weather presents a lot of opportunity to enjoy time in kitchen, it is a great idea to integrate dining area in the kitchen itself to be able to spend more time with food and family.

Here are 27 practical ideas to integrate dining and kitchen and save a lot of space in the living room too.

1. Elegant in white

A kitchen in white looks beautiful especially with the white painted brick walls that add texture. The table in natural brown with simple chairs create a small and cozy dining area in the kitchen itself. Here are some beautiful rustic kitchens to inspire you.

2. Earthen and Natural

This kitchen looks very natural with the natural stone counter and the wooden flooring and wooden table. The large windows add to the beauty and charm of this natural looking kitchen.

3. Small L shaped kitchen

This small L shaped kitchen in white color, with a small table is a perfect place to enjoy the time with kids, as they can use the table for study.

4. Parallel arrangement

4. The space is not large, but arrangement of this place in parallel makes it a perfect example for the integration of kitchen, dining and living room.

5. Uniqueness

The designers have created something unique in this kitchen by setting up a piano right there in the kitchen and dining, making it look unique.

6. A table island

A very popular idea today is the island with a table design. This kitchen uses just that, and creates a lovely ambiance of freshness owing to the kitchen windows.

7. Hotel Style

桃園大溪 自在居所 ACE 空間制作所 現代廚房設計點子、靈感&圖片
ACE 空間制作所

桃園大溪 自在居所

ACE 空間制作所

The black counter top, the long table decorated with flowers, the industrial style hanging light give this kitchen a hotel feel. 

8. A photegenic kitchen

The use of industrial wind elements, such as black steel chandeliers, table legs, and black counters, lighting switches, and the use of the color blue make this kitchen look very photogenic. So keep those selfies coming, while you cook!

9. Simple ㄇ-shaped kitchen

This kitchen looks simple with a straight forward design, simple hanging lights on the counter and all the utensils and appliances hidden inside the cabinets.

10. Warmth of wood

The wooden flooring and the wooden table complement each other beautifully and seem to add warmth in the kicthen.

11. A minimalist kitchen with dining area

The wood is the highlight of this minimalist kitchen, with simple overhead light, to create a basic and simple dining area right there in the kitchen.

12. Country Style kitchen cum dining

The mosaic of ceramic tiles on the walls and the wooden mosaic table give this kitchen a typical country feel. The wooden painting on the wall too adds to the beauty and texture of this country style kitchen cum dining.

13. Industrial style kitchen and dining

空氣感文青宅 磨設計 餐廳



The designers kept an industrial look for this kitchen with an integrated dining, owing to the open pipes and the stainless steel fixtures. The natural element here being just the fresh plants on the window utilizing the sunlight perfectly.

14 . Multi- functional dining table

The small table integrated with the kitchen can double as a study, so when you have small space, you should think of multi-functional furniture.

15. The classic kitchen and dining table

The use of crystal chandeliers, the round table and high-backed chairs in this kitchen makes it look absolutely classic and stunning. A perfect setting for a romantic candle light dinner. See a beautiful kitchen renovation.

16.ㄇ -shaped kitchen with dining

This ㄇ -shaped kitchen looks very modern and stylish. The grey color of the counter and the wall makes the wooden dining area stand out and look even more appealing. The geometric wall decor and the straight line lights give it a very modern feel.

17. Wood and white

The white furniture seems to blend in the wall, and the use of sofa integrated in the wall in an L shape, rather than the chairs on both sides give a lot of working and walking space in the kitchen.

18. Mediterranean country kitchen

西班牙鄉村風格-透天別墅 Color-Lotus Design 廚房 實木 Grey
Color-Lotus Design


Color-Lotus Design

This small kitchen that gives the feel of being in a Mediterranean country, looks cozy and inviting. The white table and chairs give the whole place a beautiful holiday feel. See another beautiful rustic kitchen and dining area that will make you drool.

19. An iconic large kitchen

The island and the table occupy the entire kitchen, so you can enjoy a lavish family dinner right there in your kitchen. The use of marble and reflective walls makes this kitchen look marvellous.

20. Black and white

20. This kitchen boasts of the same black line lighting, but in a very classic style. The chandelier, the mirror and whites all scream elegance and taste.

21. Rustic kitchen and dining

Red bricks is something that can never go wrong, and create an instant rustic look when couples with wood. That is what has been achieved in this simple kitchen cum dining. See a beautiful rustic dining table to fit perfectly in your kitchen.

22. A simple kitchen

A minimalist kitchen yet again, with the highlight of the black wall unit to store and display the kitchen utility applicances.

23. Colorful kitchen and dining area

If you like your house to be colorful, you do not have to leave the kitchen behind. The beautiful striped walls and the green colored chairs complement each other well and create magic in this kitchen.

24. Black the protagonist

It is difficult to find a black wall in the kitchen, but in this kitchen with light and neutral colors, black wall, black lamps and the black frames of windows act as a highlight.

25. Grey is always in

This grey and brown kitchen with subtle decoration looks spectacular and yet subtle. See another kitchen and dining in grey.

26. L shaped minimalist kitchen

This kitchen in L shape is made with a minimalist approach with light and neutral shades. The plain wooden dining table meets the theme perfectly. 

27. Elegance in everything

This perfectly cozy kitchen will not let you sit anywhere else in the house, owing to the comfortable chairs. The white wooden cabinets do require a lot of care to maintain the shine and texture. 

Hope you have a few ideas to integrate your dining table in the kitchen now. Let us know which kitchen you liked the best.

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