The home that values style AND substance


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The home that values style AND substance

Megan Harris Megan Harris
現代房屋設計點子、靈感 & 圖片 根據 Taller Estilo Arquitectura 現代風
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Taller Estilo Arquitectura is a young architectural studio founded in Merida, Mexico in 2004. Pursuing a belief that architecture is at the meeting point of art and science, they seek to create spaces to be inhabited, not monuments. They work with regional materials and other resources; for them, conviction takes priority over fashion. These local materials become a key part of the design. 

Their intent to create architecture that evokes the five senses, and not merely sight, is clearly evident. This is an impressive feat to achieve through photography alone, and speaks volumes about emotive home they have crafted. Now let’s take a look visual tour and get a glimpse of what it might be like to inhabit this delightful space!

A beautifully crafted composition

The exterior of the home demonstrates a finesse and attention to detail. This facade has been thoughtfully composed to create an interesting and balanced elevation; one which exhibits a drama as well as an acknowledgement of the human scale. 

Outdoor living has clearly been prioritised – the roof cantilevers out and then waterfalls down to form a canopy the encloses a voluminous outdoor space. The pool rejects the strict linearity of the enclosure, instead employing a quarter circle plan. One may never want to even go inside – that's until you see the inside, of course!

Upon entry

The entry lobby adopts a traditional form, while the sculpted openings and vibrant, patterned tiles punctuate the sleek white space. The black window and door framing is striking against the white backdrop – this accent is used throughout to provide a sharp contrast. 

Kitchen and living

Beyond the stairs, one is lead by the exposed stone wall into the kitchen. Opening onto the large and unrestrained living area of the home, the kitchen is discrete, yet seamlessly connected. 

Bar stools are grouped around the kitchen island, further encouraging the social activity of cooking and sharing food. For more kitchen ideas, take a look at these examples!

Bathroom luxury

Luxurious materials encase the bathroom – polished stone is employed for the walls, floor and even the sink. The roof framing is left exposed and finished in black, adding visual interest to the ceiling, and what appears to be an Onyx light feature is fitted to the wall, supplementing the natural light that makes its way into the space via the end window. For more bathroom inspiration, take a look here!

Outdoor barbecue area

Finishing outside, where the tour began, we get a closer glimpse of the wonderful exterior barbecue area. The lush greenery that lines the boundary wall infuses this enclosed courtyard space with colour and nature. Complete with an outdoor fan, what a wonderful space to spend warm summer evenings sharing a meal after a dip in the pool! 

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