How to decorate your home according to your star sign


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How to decorate your home according to your star sign

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We like to give you a healthy mix of fun and serious interior design advice, here at homify, which is why we thought it might be a bit of a giggle to look at what your star sign suggests would be an ideal decorating scheme for you. Take it all with a pinch of salt, as we know that any professional interior designer absolutely will, but this could actually be a common sense way to decide on a few room styles, if you are feeling overwhelmed. 

From stunning modern family homes through to ultimate bachelor pads, we think that you can afford to open your mind to new inspiration, so come with us now and take a look at which motifs are supposedly perfect for your personality and tastes, according to the time of year that you were born! 

Cool for Capricorns.

Anyone born under the sign of Capricorn will have a natural predilection for the more traditional interior design aesthetics, apparently, so is it true for you? Elegant furniture, dark wood and key pieces, such as antique grandfather clocks would be perfect for creating the right look.

Awesomeness for Aquarius'.

Modern vibes and clean lines are what you love the most, so bright white walls, unfussy furniture and a healthy dose of glittering surfaces will be ideal for you guys. We think that this incredible minimalist living room is a great example of what you are keen on!

Perfect for Pisces'.

Zen, natural elements; that's what you love and we can see why! Soft and naturally warm tones will usually be balanced with fresh hues, to create a delicate and revitalising aesthetic that makes for a quiet mind and peaceful free time. Wood, terracotta and natural stone will work particularly well.

Amazing for Aries'.

For bold Aries', there isn't so much a defined design aesthetic that needs to be adhered to as much as there is a key accent colour to include. As a fire sign, it makes perfect sense that anyone born under the sign of Aries will enjoy some splashes of red throughout their home. Textiles will work especially well, so think about cushions and curtains!

Totally Taurus!

 客廳 by Specht Architects, 隨意取材風
Specht Architects

Cliff Dwelling

Specht Architects

Everybody likes a touch of luxury here and there, but anyone who falls into the Taurus zodiac category has a particular penchant for the finer things in life! We think you'll love Persian rugs, leather sofas and unique pieces of art that not only look great but also offer fabulous investment opportunities as well. 

Gorgeous for a Gemini.

 客廳 by Honeybee Interiors, 隨意取材風
Honeybee Interiors

Queens Park House

Honeybee Interiors

 Eclectic touches? That's what a Gemini household should be all about, so you can feel free to throw away the rule book and get a little more experimental with your choices. A medley of patterns, statement light fixtures and exciting colours will all look great, if you really commit to the eclectic aesthetic.

Cosiness is king for Cancer.

 客廳 by Moda Interiors, 現代風 磁磚
Moda Interiors

Living Room

Moda Interiors

A piquant mix of modern mirrored surfaces and treasured family memories are what make for the ultimate in perfect Cancer households. We love this design vibe, as it walks the line between contemporary cool and homely to perfection. Glass picture frames would be a great way to tie everything in together.

Living like a Leo.

Exotic touches are the only thing that will do for the king of the jungle and the star signs! Anyone born under the sign of Leo will naturally feel drawn towards art and textiles from overseas and we think  that a fair few of them will be gold in colour as well. After all, precious metals and royalty go hand-in-hand!

Veritable perfection for Virgos.

 客廳 by In:Style Direct , 簡約風
In:Style Direct

Living room : Neutral tones

In:Style Direct

Apparently, if you are a Virgo, you will naturally be somewhat of a perfectionist, which means that precise shapes and well-proportioned layouts will be right up your street! We know that you'll appreciate the calm order that comes with a neutral colour scheme and we bet you have a rigorous cleaning schedule in place as well, to maintain a light home!

Loveliness for a Libra.

Beauty will always be high up on a Libra's list of interior design priorities, which is why we know you'll be keen to embrace some floral motifs, as well as real flora and fauna. Think along a more romantic design line and you'll definitely be on the right track.

Scorching colour for Scorpio.

 客廳 by Inspiria Interiors, 鄉村風
Inspiria Interiors

Country style Interior for an appartment kitchen and living room

Inspiria Interiors

If there's one word that perfectly describes Scorpios, it's BOLD. Because of this, we know that a hearty dose of colour will always go a long way to creating the perfect Scorpio home! From colour blocking through to flamboyant patterns, as long as the hues are bright, they'll be right!

Natural sophistication for Sagittarius.

 客廳 by Pixers, 熱帶風

Botany in living room


 Nature is a key source of inspiration for anyone born under the sign of Sagittarius, which makes perfect sense, as you guys LOVE to be outdoors and exploring new cultures. Beautiful floral wallpaper and a cacophony of house plants will definitely make for a wonderful and engaging home.

For more star sign inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Use your star sign to choose a home.

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