14 Small garden ideas for your house


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14 Small garden ideas for your house

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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Living in small apartments has made it impossible for us to create a garden. That is why coming up with creative ideas to incorporate greenery into our homes is a must. In today's ideabook we are going to show you 14 simple ways with which you can create a beautiful small garden in your residence. They are not only easy to build but can also be set up in a minimal amount of space.

1. Decorative details

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Adding decorative details to your small garden can beautify this area instantly. These can include anything from iron pot holders to open shelves.

2. Delimiting the space

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Marking or delimiting your garden is another important thing that you must remember. Here the designer has used pebbles for the same purpose.

3. Cement planters

極簡主義  by homify, 簡約風 磚塊

To give a more custom feel to your small garden, you can even build cement planters of different sizes.

4. Large pots

For creating small gardens in your hallway or corridor make sure that you use large size pots as seen in this picture.

6. Wall mounted planters

Another way to add a bit of greenery to your house without occupying much space is by opting for wall mounted planters.

7. Hanging garden

Apart from wall mounted planters you can even consider using hanging pots to save floor space while creating a small garden.

8. Japanese inspired

This Japanese inspired zen garden not only looks beautiful but also compliments the decor of the room. All you need to do is choose plants of correct proportion.

9. Miniature garden

A replica of a full size garden can also be created in your living room. Here the designer has used small trees along with natural grass.

10. Combine plants

In case you want to experiment a little with your small garden then you can even try combining different plants.

11. Elevated pots

Lining either side of your corridor with elevated planters can also be an excellent way to incorporate greenery into your house.

12. Locally grown plants

Small gardens should always be low maintenance which is why choosing locally grown vegetables is highly recommended.

13. Corner setting

A corner settings similar to this can also be created by using stones and plants. You can even add a highlighter to accentuate the details.

14. Flowers and shrubs

Last but surely not the least, colourful flowers and shrubs are also an excellent choice for creating a small garden within your home.

Adding greens to your house adds life to it. Check out more garden ideabooks for inspiration.

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