How to design a hall when there seems to be no room for that

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A welcoming hall is a prerequisite to any home. It creates an instant impression in the visitors’ minds and provides a space to linger on briefly before moving on to a different quarter of the building. In many cases it acts as a waiting room. A hall also shields the inner quarters and helps to protect the privacy of the home. But creating such an impressive hall is out of bounds for many. Lack of space in the modern homes is the primary reason behind this. 

With city apartments shrinking in size by the day, creating a welcoming hall seems to be an elusive dream. Or, is it so? Probably, there are yet ways of creating a tiny hall just in front of the main entrance that you have not considered so far. Our today’s post is all about creating an inviting hallway where there is no space for it or seemingly so. If you already have a hall of reasonable size and just want to redecorate it you will find these suggestions particularly useful. So how can we create a charming hallway when there is no room for the same? Here is how:

Delimit with a shelf

Build a floor to ceiling shelf just in size that does not cause any obstruction but serves the purpose of creating a tiny hall. See how designer Olga Aysina created a charming hall with the use of a shelf. She also decorated the hall with suitable objects like an ornamental hall table and bench. Use of same wall décor in both the areas seamlessly merges this interesting shelf with its surrounding. You may also build a book case in similar fashion. You may pep it up with a guitar, saxophone or flute if you happen to be a music aficionado. Collectors’ may make use of this space to show off their precious collections.

Use a screen

Use a screen to separate your private space from the public one. In other words, recycle an old tradition for a modern purpose. You may use folding screens with beautiful carving and paintings as was once the hallmark of Japanese homes or, build a simpler version of the same suitable to contemporary apartments. If your bedroom is just across the screen, as would be the case in many one room apartments, build something meshlike to protect the privacy. Though wood is a traditional favourite for a screen like this, you may experiment with other materials like papier-mâché, bamboo, rustic mat, choir board and so on.

Make use of the structure itself

Use a pillar or the spiral staircase that gives access to the loft area to draw up the boundaries of a hall. The object that you have always thought rather awkward for your apartment may turn out to be an invaluable element of design after all. Spice up the pillar by cloaking it with mirrors or a decorative wall art. Give it a painting that is suited to the ambience. If it is reasonably broad enough keep a prominent sculpture or potted plant at its base. Wooden pillars on the other hand can be carved in various ways. Staircases often have the capacity of acting like a floating sculpture. In this case, it may assist you to create a hall that you are looking for.

Install sliding doors

Installing a sliding door would be a great way of protecting the privacy of the interiors and creating a presentable hall at the same time. This acts like a screen, but is even more suited to the purpose when a little space can be afforded to install one. Use simple tricks like mirrored surfaces, painting with same colour as the rest of the room etc to give your hall a roomier feel.

Delimit with an interior garden

Use plants to create a tiny hallway that doubles up as a sanctuary. You can use potted plants. Select beautiful terracotta or ceramic pots to give this place an elegant feel. You may also think of creating a vertical garden, especially if you boast of sufficient gardening skill. A small glass box with orchids and other indoor plants will create a showcase of sort. Do not forget to deck it up with tumbled stones and lanterns. This will give it a rock garden feel. Those who will step in this place will instantly feel the cheerful vibe of your home.

Decorative objects

A prominent work of art, framed tapestry or an abstract sculptural piece can act as a demarcation for the interior section of the house or apartment. This way you will create a lavish hallway with minimum of effort. You can place these on floor, or on a hall table. Create a faux wall with suitable spot lights to give it more of an art gallery look. Oriental lanterns, brass lamp stand, a series of small artefacts, flower vases etc can be used for the same purpose as well. You will manage to create a grander hall this way than many bigger entrance halls can boast of.

A combination of several items

You can consider combining a variety of these suggestions to create a proper and welcoming hall. For example, combining a wooden screen having a large mirror with a cosy bench as is the case of this apartment. A dresser with prominent art objects and potted plants placed on can work as a nice fusion of various articles simultaneously acting to create a fine hall. Curtains can be combined with screens, interior gardens with a small aquarium and so on. All you need to do is to use some ingenuity in planning. Keep in mind the existing décor to give a complementary makeover. Do not shy away from experimentations till you are satisfied with the results.