33 pictures of modern gardens that will enchant you


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33 pictures of modern gardens that will enchant you

Asha Bogenfuerst Asha Bogenfuerst
根據 NVE engenharias, S.A. 現代風
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A garden is like a jewel in the house. With it comes the greenery of plants, the colors and perfumes of flowers, and the freshness of air circulating between leaves and petals. With modern gardens, the often solitary enjoyment provided by gardening or contemplation becomes explicitly socialized: these spaces became truly social,  with furniture such as tables and chairs and even outdoor living rooms composed of sofas, armchairs and small tables. In some of them, the outdoor lounge concept has been fully incorporated. In addition, the furniture has gained elegance and presents itself in beautiful and refined materials and discreet colors. But another trend is the furniture in strong and vibrant colors. 

Nowadays, we usually spend too much time indoors and have little access to outdoor environments. Nothing more natural than maximizing the garden as much as possible, especially if you're lucky enough to have one as part of your house. In  modern gardens, in addition to furniture for receiving friends and family, winding shapes, wooden decks, paths and stone beds and  maybe even residential fires for the cold days may be needed. The plants used can be a range – from the smooth and bright lawn to the nook with wild flowers and stones, passing through the low and thin trees in perfect order or by the meticulously pruned shrubs. Stone gardens, gardens over the water and cactus gardens can also compose a modern garden. In this book of ideas, we have pictures of 33 modern gardens that will enchant you and inspire you to transform your garden into an oasis of calm and comfort. 

1. The winding white stony path defines this garden, which also has spheres as decoration

2. The curved lines and the use of gray stones in the central bed stand out in this garden, with living area, fire pit and wooden deck combined harmoniously.

3. This super organized garden has enclosed flower beds, a deck, sitting area with pergola and two water tanks on different levels

4. With tropical air, this garden of many greens embraces a wooden deck with modern white armchairs that stand out against the background

5. A circular stone garden is a perfect space to house a stone fountain with an elegant design in three colors

根據 homify 地中海風 大理石

6. A pergola with sloping shapes and colorful arbor provides shade

For more information, you can read our article titled things to consider before buying a pergola.

7. A garden with a lounge is a modern trend and may even include a fire pit and flower beds with a unique color in the surroundings

8. This Cube Garden is a modern garden that contrasts clear stone flooring and structured shrubs at various heights, in addition to vases and flowerbeds

9. Green walls are the touch of nature in this asymmetrical garden with a wooden deck and stylish furnishings

10. The smooth lawn in the background contrasts with the rectangular boulders with stones and small plants of this garden with a large sitting area

11. A circular fence made with natural fibers and with an elegant design intimately demarcates the living area of ​​this discreet garden

12. This curved wooden deck forms the lawn and connects the living area, the garden and the house

A curved deck links the seating area to the house 根據 Lush Garden Design 日式風、東方風
Lush Garden Design

A curved deck links the seating area to the house

Lush Garden Design

13. The enclosed garden with a lawn in the center is the landscape that you see from the terrace with a wooden deck and outdoor furniture

Victorian Conversion 根據 Corebuild Ltd 簡約風
Corebuild Ltd

Victorian Conversion

Corebuild Ltd

14. A circle of stone for a bonfire and beautiful furniture in natural fibers

1.2m rustic sandstone firepit 根據 Lithic Fire 田園風 砂岩
Lithic Fire

1.2m rustic sandstone firepit

Lithic Fire

15. This lawned garden has won a curved masonry bench with built-in bouncers on the sides and at the back of the seat

Raised Bed 根據 Earth Designs 地中海風
Earth Designs

Raised Bed

Earth Designs

16. More wild, this lawn garden combines a sinuous stone bench with colorful wildflowers

Contemporary Country Garden in The New Forest. 根據 Elks-Smith Landscape and Garden Design 鄉村風
Elks-Smith Landscape and Garden Design

Contemporary Country Garden in The New Forest.

Elks-Smith Landscape and Garden Design

17. This compact garden has it all: flowerbeds, deck, lounger and even a covered corner for outdoor dining

RHS Cardiff 2015 根據 Best4hedging 現代風

RHS Cardiff 2015


18. The pruned shrubs appear in the middle of the wooden deck and next to the two modern lounges that occupy the lawn garden

Outdoor Room 根據 Borrowed Space 現代風
Borrowed Space

Outdoor Room

Borrowed Space

19. With a rustic touch, this stripped garden is made in steps and has its beds and paths delimited by wooden slats

Modern Garden with a rustic twist 根據 Yorkshire Gardens 現代風
Yorkshire Gardens

Modern Garden with a rustic twist

Yorkshire Gardens

20.The living area of ​​this garden is in the center of a circle of stone surrounded by green lawns and delicate purple flowers

Felsted Place 根據 Aralia 簡約風 石器

Felsted Place


21. Today's gardens are the perfect place to have a nice sitting area, preferably with a beautiful wooden pergola

22. A natural garden with stone paths and colorful wildflowers is always beautiful and can house a more rustic seating area

23. This lush garden over the water has flowerbeds, tanks, decks and even a spa in a well-ventilated wooden pergola

24. A small garden can also count on a terrace, a lawn and paths, all surrounded by low trees

25. In warmer areas or for those who do not want to have a lot of work, the cactus garden is a charming and always original option

26. Sinuous shapes, white stones and pruned and verdant shrubs create a modern and harmonious design in the garden

27. Another delicious option is to contrast the green of the plants with outdoor furniture in strong and vibrant colors

28. This beautiful garden with irregular shaped pool features more wild and colorful species growing between rocks

29. The spiral design of this small garden confers originality and beauty to it

30. Wooden decks and stone beds have often been incorporated into modern gardens

31. Another small garden with stone walkways, pruned shrubs and vibrantly colored furniture

32. The social area of ​​this large garden is arranged on a stone and grass floor with bold and geometric design

33. A small tank, mirror, or pool can add the fluidity of water to the green freshness of nature

We hope you've enjoyed this collection of design ideas for gardens. For more inspiration and ideas, you can have a look at 10 pictures of sensational and modern stone gardens.

現代房屋設計點子、靈感 & 圖片 根據 Casas inHAUS 現代風