7 tips to select the wardrobe colour for your bedroom


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7 tips to select the wardrobe colour for your bedroom

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Essential, convenient, spacious… speak about bedroom wardrobe and the first thing that comes to our mind is its functionality. Isn’t it? Have you ever thought that in the four walls of the bedroom, one wall is usually covered with wardrobe? So apart from the usefulness, wardrobe has an immensely important role to play in the aesthetic feel of the room. It can make or break the ambience of the space.

Normally the wardrobes are made of wood and are in wooden colours. But sometimes the creativity in us and the love for colours are not always satisfied by this age old norm and its predictability. To help you out, we are here with some tips to spell magic and colours on your bedroom wardrobe. Take some clue from here and break free from tradition and do the wardrobe differently. Don’t let it be just another humble wardrobe doing its duty in your bedroom. Make it an amazing embellishment adorning the wall of your bedroom. Have a look and get inspired.

​1. Keep it subtle and demure and let the attention be on the beautiful wall

It is very important to decide what you want to highlight and what not to in your bedroom. Too much of attraction will create distraction. If you have beautifully painted wall then it should be the centre of attraction in the room. Select a subtle shade for the wardrobe that matches with the colour of the walls. Let it be in the supporting role.

​2. White like the whole space to create an illusion of roominess

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The real challenge in a small bedroom is to make it feel spacious with all its furniture. Follow the philosophy of single colour in soft tone to make the space look roomy and calm. Take a clue from here and select your favourite pastel shade or just go with the white. It will feel peaceful.

3. ​Magical blocks of colour

現代  by My Italian Living, 現代風
My Italian Living

'Metropolis' 2 sliding door wardrobe by Mobilstella

My Italian Living

Why settle for one colour when you can bring in some drama into the room with colour blocks on the wardrobe. This design will surely not look good when done on wall. But when on wardrobe it will create magic.

​4. Solid colours in harmony with the décor

現代  by Chase Furniture, 現代風
Chase Furniture

Milan Fitted Bedroom Furniture

Chase Furniture

Some colours are just made for each other. Instead of going for single colour, you can opt for two solid colours that match with the décor of the room and let the wardrobe stand tall enhancing the beauty of the beautiful room.

​5. Different shades of wood

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We all love the wood colour in its natural shade. This natural shade of wood has various different shades hidden within it. If normal wooden wardrobe is too boring for your style then pick up something which will suit your personality and style. Play with the shades and texture of wood and make it a funky piece of furniture.

​6. Paint the memories of childhood

kids Bedroom 根據 Hasta architects 現代風
Hasta architects

kids Bedroom

Hasta architects

Your children will love you for this and will forever cherish the memories of their dream painted on the wardrobe of their childhood room. Life size painting of the favourite cartoon or Disney character will complete the room and make the room special. You don’t need any other decoration when the wardrobe is so attractive and lively.

​7. Bring the colour into the room through wardrobe

Sliding Door Wardrobes, Fitted Bedroom wardrobes, Hinged Wardrobes, Walk In Closets 根據 Bravo London Ltd 現代風
Bravo London Ltd

Sliding Door Wardrobes, Fitted Bedroom wardrobes, Hinged Wardrobes, Walk In Closets

Bravo London Ltd

When the wardrobe covers the major part of the walls in your bedroom, let it have the colour you had dreamt to paint on the walls. Decorate it the way you wanted to decorate the walls. This innovative idea will completely transform the look and feel of the room.

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