Beautiful bathroom color schemes for 2018


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Beautiful bathroom color schemes for 2018

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We feel sorry for bathrooms sometimes. Not usually treated with the same levels of excitement as other rooms in the home, they can so often be left to accept a boring or uninspiring design aesthetic, but thankfully, professional bathroom planners are on a mission to change this, with the result being that bathroom color schemes have become exceptionally more fun and dramatic!

Taking inspiration from trendy color schemes in other rooms of the home, a bathroom can become not only a cohesive addition, but also a really enjoyable one, as apposed to a sterile and unfriendly space that can't be enjoyed properly. This guide has been designed to highlight some of the best and boldest bathroom color schemes that look set to be HUGE news in 2018 and should be used as inspiration for anyone looking to create a sensational home spa.

1. Gray and white bathroom color schemes.

When it comes to bathroom color trends, 2018 is definitely the year of gray, mainly because it is enjoying such popularity in every other room of the house as well. Once a living room trend is established, bedrooms and kitchens quickly follow suit and finally, bathrooms get in on the action as well, which is why gray is so hot right now, in terms of self-care spaces.

The most popular way to integrate gray into a bathroom is to mix it with white, to create a fresh and relaxing vibe, but if an accent color for gray and white bathroom spaces is needed, homeowners will be spoilt for choice. Both gray and white are considered to be neutral hues and work with every other shade.

2. Beige bathroom color schemes.

Beige and dark wood are a match made in heaven, especially when a sophisticated, classic and yet contemporary bathroom is wanted. Beige is such a warm neutral tone that it simply radiates out a calming and zen aesthetic that is absolutely perfect for a bathroom, where rest, recuperation and a little indulgence should all be experienced. By adding dark wood elements as well, the simplicity of beige is given a little more depth and richness, leading to a fantastically expensive looking finish. 

3. Denim blue bathroom color schemes.

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Joe Ginsberg Design

Modern Bathroom

Joe Ginsberg Design

Denim blue is a very particular shade and is currently enjoying a serious surge in popularity, especially in terms of bathroom design. We suspect that's because it works so well with warm metallics, such as gold, rose gold and copper, all of which are VERY on-trend right now. 

Deep and eye-catching, but somehow cool enough to be timeless, denim blue is not so much a fashion color as a staple of interior design and it's great news that it has reached bathrooms at last!

4. Black and white bathroom color schemes.

No two colors work quite so well together as black and white, but it is still thought to be a bold decision to install such an aesthetic into a bathroom. We don't see why, as it looks expensive, beautiful and eminently classy! Enjoying a striking contrast, black and white, when used together, can really pick out every nuance of a room and put them to good use and moreover, polished hardware is a natural companion as well.

5. All black bathroom color schemes.

If monochrome bathrooms are a little daring, it must take a serious amount of courage to choose an all black bathroom, but it's definitely worth considering, as the finished look is incredible! Dark, decadent and just different enough to pique people's interest, all black bathrooms aren't reserved for the gothic fans amongst us; they work for everyone, as long as bright lighting is included. 

Contemporary homes, in particular, can really make a black bathroom work, especially when dark furniture pieces are used elsewhere in the property.

6. All white bathroom color schemes.

Bathroom color scheme ideas don't come more more classic and understated than a simple and crisp all white finish, which is why white has, yet again, made it into the top bathroom color schemes list. A shade that organically exudes feelings of freshness and hygiene, white doesn't have to look cold or sterile, if the accent materials used in the space are chosen well. A little natural wood goes a very long way in an all white bathroom.

7. Gold bathroom color schemes.

In terms of stylish bathrooms that are on-trend in 2018, all that glitters really is gold! Warm, reflective and so upmarket, using gold in the bathroom will always lead to a luxurious and sumptuous finish that makes every shower or bath feel as though it is being enjoyed in a five-star hotel. Iridescent tiles are a wonderful way to tap into the gold rush and work shockingly well with all manner of other colors and materials too, to allow for a scheme that is as subtle or striking as each individual homeowner wants.

8. Summer bright bathroom color schemes.

One of the most exciting bathroom paint schemes to be enjoying serious popularity in 2018 is a combination finish, with summery brights all being combined together to create a vibrant and happy look. Pastel pink is proving to be exceptionally fashionable right now, particularly when combined with sunshine yellow, denim blue and a little black, for contrast. Reminiscent of retro designs from the 60s, this use of multiple colors is a funkier take on 'normal' bathrooms and we think they work very well in family homes, where little ones might need some gentle encouragement to enjoy bath time!

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