House of the infinite


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House of the infinite

Alissa Ugolini – homify UK Alissa Ugolini – homify UK
 泳池 by Alberto Campo Baeza
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Beach houses always have a special charm and a special place in our hearts. From the thatched cottage on the Baltic Sea, to the wooden stilts on the Atlantic Ocean. Today, we are giving you a treat; a beach house which is a true gem. With a modern twist, 360 views and bespoke architecturally designed interiors, we are sure you will love this project. Standing proudly on the beach of Cádiz, it has made it on our list of dream houses. And, you’re about to see why…

An endless shoreline

This beach house moulds in perfectly with its surroundings. Low lying, and with a sandy coloured render, the exterior simply vanishes into the landscape. With a garden that matches the natural dunes, the architects behind this project have truly outdone themselves by creating a union between the built form and nature.

Maximum minimalism

A true picture of minimalism, this property boasts undisturbed views of the ocean. On the flat roof of the house is the sun terrace with swimming pool. You can have stunning and breathtaking views while sunbathing, swimming and entertaining your guests with lavish parties.


The inside of the beach house reflects its exterior perfectly. Playful details, a muted colour palette and simple design are on display here – there is no decoration or unnecessary bells and whistles. And you may ask yourself, what for? You wouldn't want anything to distract from this stunning view. Instead, the designers have implemented a truly minimalist décor for a coherent and modern picture of perfection.

Light & air

In this house, there are no dark corners or hidden angles. Generous glazing, and refined skylights allow plenty of natural light and air to penetrate and ventilate the space. Just by looking at this picture, you can almost smell the salty air of the Atlantic Coast.

Two floors of beauty

As the sun sets with its crimson hues, the house takes on a new colour palette. Or, as seen in this picture, the pale blue sky gives the external stone a slight tinge of blue. For those who aren't great lovers of minimalist design, you must remember the key objective here was to marry two contrasting elements together – nature and architecture and in our opinion, this has been executed with utter precision.

 房子 by Casas inHAUS