A well-designed home in Ernakulam, Kerala


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A well-designed home in Ernakulam, Kerala

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根據 Monnaie Interiors Pvt Ltd 日式風、東方風
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Huge homes can be intimidating but if designed thoughtfully with equal emphasis on style and functionality, it can be a wonderful and a satisfying experience living in one. Private spaces for people in the family combined with open spaces for greenery, make this home gorgeous and sophisticated. The interior designers and decorators of Monnaie Architects, Ernakulam have created a space that is respectful of nature and oozes elegance and quiet splendour.

Grand First Look

A look at the home and it is instantly impressive. Gorgeous green plants and a lovely wide pathway to support the incoming vehicles makes this a much modern design. While there is space for two cars in the garage, the stoned path is wide enough to accommodate more cars when needed.

Green Home

Including plants in a home is a great way to ensure that you breathe fresh air while making the best impression on your guests. The lovely small stone feature works wonderfully well as a small fountain. The sound of the moving water is both pleasing and beautiful.

Grand Sitting Room

The lovely combination of lavender hues and creams makes for a unique yet gorgeous living room. The center table with its unique shape, spacious and comfortable seating and the open area makes for lively and happy conversations here.

Formal Dining Room

This space speaks of elegance and formality. There is an abundance of dark wood around here and it has been perfectly complemented by the use of cream for the chairs of the dining table. Everything including the accents seems to balance the look.

Subtle Bedroom

The lovely bedroom with its soft colours is perfect for someone who does not prefer bright and bold looks. The grey has been combined ideally with the Teal to create a soft yet striking look in this room.

Energetic Bedroom

Blue being the prevalent theme here, it has been used interestingly on the wardrobe and in the furnishings. By combining whites effectively, they have created a look that is balanced and impressive.

Great Children’s Room

This lovely and cute room is ideal for a child. The large teddy bears and the stark white furniture all combine well to create a dramatic and bright bedroom.

Splendid Study

Home Architectural Services in Kerala 根據 Monnaie Interiors Pvt Ltd 日式風、東方風
Monnaie Interiors Pvt Ltd

Home Architectural Services in Kerala

Monnaie Interiors Pvt Ltd

A workspace that is calm and composed. Lighter tones set the right feel and mood for this space. Adding sofas makes this room perfect for some relaxation as well. Ceiling to floor drapes adds a feminine and dainty touch to the room.

Spacious Kitchen

Using a lighter tone of wood, and patterned tiles for the backdrop the designers have given a modern feel to this room. Contrasting the wood on top with black below the counter and using lovely marble for the floor this kitchen looks great. while
the lighting takes the experience to the next level.10 examples of modern living room designs.

現代房屋設計點子、靈感 & 圖片 根據 Casas inHAUS 現代風