Design a Beach Apartment: All you need to know

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Designing a beach apartment can be a fun project, incorporate design elements that can portray the seaside with a colorful beach theme. The décor can either be formal or creative allowing the imagination to flow freely. The color of the apartment can be painted in a subtle mood reflecting a seaside mood. A pale blue or aqua or a pale green with shades of blue can be integrated into the color scheme. Other walls can have beige or light tan depicting sand. Flooring can be laminate and sisal mats can be used as area rugs. Be sure to get the necessary permissions before any major renovations. The furniture in a beach apartment can be off-white that will create a feeling of being on a beach. Bright colored accents like throws and pillows can be thrown casually in the sofas. Bright repainted furniture in light shades or white with an antique finishing can provide a weathered look reminiscent of the beach. Cane and wicker furniture will be a great accent for the patio.

There are several accents that are available in the market that will add to the beach theme. For example a seashell photo frame, Palm fronds in a large vessel in one corner of the room can also we incorporated with the beach theme. Beach theme printed curtains in bright colors can add a nice touch. Shower curtains that have prints with like starfish, sea, sand and shells can enliven a bathroom décor. Tableware can also be set in the beach theme with shell shaped bowls. Strewing pieces of shells and coral can add to the look of the table. Fabrics that are used in decorating should also be in natural fabrics that breathe and are easy to maintain. Cotton and linen would be good choices as they can be washed easily. Fabric colors should also be in theme with the beach, in light shades of blue green or yellow.

Bathroom fixtures should be chosen with care, as they tend to rust due to the salt in the air. Good quality fixtures are a must.

Fans and air conditioning

Fans and air-conditioning may seem a must for apartments near the beach. But that is not entirely true. While air-conditioning is expensive, fans may not always work well in sweltering heat.  Many people use a fan to create a breeze to suck the hot air from the apartment. However, beach apartments do not necessarily need an air-conditioner, as the breeze from the sea is mostly sufficient.

If there is no air-conditioner, it is good to have a few fans like the box fan, revolving fan or a desk fan or all three. The box fan is for the window where it blows along with the draft inside the home. The revolving fan is kept on the opposite side of the room and the desk fan is kept near the bed when someone is asleep.

Creating a cross draft is also helpful by opening windows during the coolest part of the day.  Keep hydrated by drinking lots of cold water.

Light colours

Light colors are much preferred in a beach house as they add to the light and also make the apartment look spacious. Large windows can be draped with light colored curtains that will allow light to enter. The walls can be painted in light colors that go well with the beach theme.

This wonderful color combination is the idea of Germany-based interior architects Insight Vision GMBH.

Good ventilation

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Good ventilation is a very important element to be taken care of while decorating any apartment. Apartments generally do not have much flow of air when compared to a stand-alone house. In an apartment airflow can be limited. However, it is important to ventilate the living areas with fresh air. Air filtration units can be mounted to an interior wall and ducted to an external air inlet that can be filtered and this will provide quality air to create a healthy environment. If the apartment can be cross ventilated it will be a great substitute for the AC unit. However, for good cross ventilation, the doors and windows in the house have to be properly positioned. Some of the other solutions are to have fans near the inlet windows. Another option is to have a large fan that is kept in the interior rooms. There is a wide choice of fans in the market.

Easily washable surface

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Ecotile Flooring

Being closer to the beach there are many elements to think about when decorating. Beachfront apartments. Due to the moisture in the air, using poor quality wood in the patio can spoil the texture of the wool. Steel can get rusted quickly. During storms sand can get blown onto all surfaces in the apartment. So it should be ensured that all open surfaces should be washable. Good quality flooring that can be easily washed will help clean the rooms easily.

Be careful with the salt

Being the near sea, the contact with salt in the air will be at its maximum. Minimizing the use of steel and iron fixtures in the house would help as the rusting would be minimal. Several home appliances and home furnishings include steel elements. Even automobiles left in the open stand a chance of getting damaged due to the salty air. Fine sand can also be a hindrance for those residing in beachfront apartments.

Just a few textiles

Paints and fabrics should be used wisely while decorating a beachfront apartment. Bright neon or jewel tones should be avoided and can be used sparingly in rooms that have a waterfront view. Keeping the home natural and with a soft color palette is the best option while decorating. A few deeper colors of fabric can be used to help anchor the room without distracting the view. It is better to use natural fabrics wherever possible including bamboo, cotton, linen, and silk. These fabrics are suited to relaxed rooms and formal spaces depending on the color and design. These fabrics are also easily washable.

Read our ideabook Keep Your Beach Home in Shape to know more.