10 Staircases for small Pakistani homes


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10 Staircases for small Pakistani homes

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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When you have a two storey house, you need to incorporate a beautiful staircase. But the difficult question is what do you do when there is not enough space? The answer to this is making the staircase area as multifunctional as possible. Whatever staircase design you may choose, there are ways of making it functional and look beautiful. In this ideabook, we will show you 10 staircases which are ideal for any small Pakistani home.

1. With corner garden

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An open-ended staircase like this makes sure that the space does not look too crowded. You can make it with the help of wooden planks and iron frame. Apart from this, creating a corner garden below the stairs will allow you to use the space well.

2. Narrow width

By adjusting the width of your staircase, you will be able to save space and yet have a way of going up to the next floor. Also, using light colours to build this structure give it a much-desired illusion of space.

3. With a study table

Another way of making your staircase fully functional is by placing a study table underneath. This way you will not waste even an inch of space in your small house. Also, by using a mesh style railing, you do not make the structure look too imposing.

4. With storage

If you feel that creating a grand staircase in your small house will make you compromise on the storage area, then this is the correct option for you. Every step of this ladder is a storage unit in itself.

5. Glass railing

Using clear glass as your railing will make sure that the staircase does not disturb your view. It also gives it a modern look which most people want to incorporate.

6. With a kitchen

In case you want to keep the depth of your status substantial. Then there are other things which you can incorporate beneath it to make it fully functional. One such option is a small kitchen as seen in this picture.

7. Wire railing

For those of you do not have kids in the house using a similar looking wire railing is an excellent option. The designer has opted for simple wooden planks to decorate the area beneath the stairs. It gives the owners a choice to use it as either a bookshelf or a curio cabinet.

8. With a lounge

If you want to be a little more creative with your staircase, then try incorporating a lounge area. It can be your quaint little place to sit and read books away from the noisy areas of the house.

9. With corner office

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L-shaped ladders like this have enough space in the back. This additional space can be used to incorporate an office desk where you can work on your laptop all day long.

10. Spiral stairs

Last but you surely not the least, a spiral staircase is always worth considering when you are looking to decorate a small house. It saves space and serves the actual purpose.

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