​6 steps to perfect modern interior design


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​6 steps to perfect modern interior design

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
 廚房 by Dessiner Interior Architectural, 現代風
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If we had to single out one word to describe modern interior design, it would be “simplicity”. But of course simplicity doesn’t have to denote boring or dull. If it did, professional interior designers and decorators would not be in such high demand as they are! 

When done correctly, the modern interior look can be anything from elegant and classy to funky and quirky. For instance, you can enjoy a bright and colourful living room, a clean and stately bedroom, and a lavishly decorated kitchen while still employing the most important factors of modern interior design for all three spaces.

And that is exactly what we are discovering today…

1. Modern interior design: No clutter

First rule of modern interior design: keep it simple! But don’t opt for just a simple room with four walls and a sofa. Bring in some décor pieces to accentuate the space, but keep it as uncluttered as possible. 

And be sure to keep all necessary items (books, electronics, keepsakes… ) out of sight by hiding them in a cabinet or closet, or placing them into built-in storage spaces like floating shelves or bookcases.

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2. Modern interior design: Clean, straight lines

The interior styles that came before the modern one used heavy carvings and ornate decorations. Modern interior design is meant to be the antithesis of those. That is why most components of modern design, from the furniture to the shape of the rooms, includes clean, straight lines with no additional detail. 

Take note of these elements which can be found in many modern spaces worldwide: 

  1. Oversized tiles with rectified edges 
  2. Sanded wood floors that minimize the grain

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3. Modern interior design: Use metal

 置入式廚房 by Dessiner Interior Architectural, 現代風
Dessiner Interior Architectural

Houghton Residence: The kitchen

Dessiner Interior Architectural

Chrome and stainless steel form big parts of modern design. Chucking out traditional metal details (like wrought iron) opens up the door for clean, polished metals. 

Thus, don’t be scared to bring in chrome or stainless steel for your furnishings, like table legs, exposed parts of a chair’s frame, or even kitchen islands. Chrome can be found quite extensively in homes via faucets, doorknobs, lamps, etc. 

homify hint: Polished chrome ensures extra shine, plus a soft blue undertone, that appears quite cold and helps it fit in perfectly with sleek modern spaces.

4. Modern interior design: Form follows function

Those clean lines and minimal accessories of your modern home should not only be simple, but also functional. Although this can vary greatly from room to room, the main aim is that it should be easy to access and use various items in a space. 

For example, the clean and straight lines of a modern kitchen must provide ample surfaces for food prepping via countertops and/or an island.

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5. Modern interior design: Lots of open space

An open-plan layout is ideal for the modern home, but of course this is not always possible. However, there are other ways in which you can create the appearance of open space via colours, fabrics and furniture.

For instance, keep windows coverings that are light in colour and airy in feel to create an open feel in the room.

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6. Modern interior design: Bold accent colours

A neutral colour palette is always advisable for modern spaces, but often primary colours are used as accents to help break up those whites and greys and provide focal points. But remember that these colours, which can help add character to a room, are often introduced sparingly, and rarely used as an all-over wall colour. 

Some prime examples of using bold accents in your modern home can include:  

  1. Abstract wall art 
  2. One piece of furniture in a striking colour like a burgundy leather sofa  
  3. Some strong-coloured scatter cushions  
  4. A single bold-coloured throw rug 
  5. One accent wall (i.e. in fresh green that stands out from the remaining cream walls)

7. The perfect professionals for modern interior design

There is nothing wrong with asking for a helping hand, especially when you require a seasoned professional. And that brings us to Dessiner Interior Architectural, a Pretoria-based interior architecture studio fuelled by motivation, interaction and passion. They are quite experienced at providing professional interior architects and designers to the greater Gauteng area and continually strive to provide high-end and luxury designs to all clients. 

Dessiner Interior Architectural always take into account their clients’ daily routine and lifestyle, plus their desires and needs, which helps steer them when approaching the planning phases of any project. And as they specialise in a number of industries (ranging from residential to retail and hospitality), they certainly possess the skills and knowledge to help turn your dream design into a reality. 

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 房子 by Casas inHAUS, 現代風