​The versatility of MNM Multi Projects in Johannesburg


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​The versatility of MNM Multi Projects in Johannesburg

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When it comes to seasoned professionals in the architectural industry, Johannesburg-based MNM Multi Projects deserve special recognition. Focusing on the designing and constructing of houses and commercial building across the Gauteng region, these professionals are firmly committed to their daily mission of offering a professional, accurate and personalized service.

This allows homeowners to enjoy the top-notch and stylish results that are always offered by MNM Multi Projects.

1. The services of MNM Multi Projects

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When contacting the professionals at MNM Multi Projects, one can expect a wide array of services, including (but not limited to) the following: 

1. The designing of house plans / building plans.  

2. Aluminium windows, doors, shop fronts, glazing, repairs. 

3. The construction / building of houses, plastering, painting, electrical installations and welding to achieve the desired wishes of the client(s).  

4. The building and installing of cabinets for kitchens and bedrooms.  

5. Submitting house plans to municipalities and/or councils for approval.  

6. The rendering of 3D drawings, allowing clients to get a realistic view of what the end result of their projects will look like.

2. What is included with a house plan?

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Aiding in their commitment to expert customer service, MNM Multi Projects have experienced draughtsmen that regularly visit clients and sites for inspection and quality control. This enables them to provide a personalized service to their clients that fits in with their needs, which includes a detailed house plan. 

But what exactly does a house plan entail? 

• Detailed renderings that show all floor plans and layouts (i.e. ground floor, first storey… ). 

• Elevations showing all windows and doors.  

• Sections and sectional elevations.  

• Site plans and layouts. 

• Electrical and sewage layouts.

3. How they operate

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It all starts with a call from a client asking about architectural plans. That is followed by a visit to the client to gain a better understanding of the planned project, the site, any existing plans (if applicable), etc. All steps of the forthcoming project are explained in detail to the client, after which a quotation is emailed or faxed that is to be accepted or declined by the client. 

Should the quote be accepted, the experts kick off the project with sketches. A presentation is provided to the client after approximately one week. If this is accepted, a 50% deposit needs to be paid. 

Thereafter, the preparation of municipality drawings follows, then the signing and filling in of forms by the client, the submission of the final plans and, finally, approval of all designs.

4. The building and construction of houses

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Whether you are considering the building of a brand-new residential home, adding an extension to an existing house, creating an office block or a shopping centre, or the complete remodelling of an existing structure, MNM Multi Projects can be of help. 

Part of their top-notch services also include: 

• Industrial and commercial building 

• Tiling 

• Roofing 

• Paving 

• Plumbing maintenance 

• Refurbishment 

• Painting 

• Electrical installation and reticulation 

• Construction of buildings including homes, offices, etc. 

• Cost and estimation (where no QS are appointed), and budgeting. 

• Assistance with appointing additional professionals for a project, including electricians, welders, plumbers, etc.

5. Aluminium windows and doors

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MNM Multi Projects are also skilled in the manufacturing and installation of architectural aluminium windows and doors, both in South Africa and other countries. Regardless of the project, they ensure that their products are manufactured to the highest quality standard.

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