Matt finish kitchen designs by Mumbai interior designers


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Matt finish kitchen designs by Mumbai interior designers

根據 Rebel Designs 現代風
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Once upon a time kitchen was hidden behind the walls confined for cooking and only cooking. But in modern times kitchen has become a part of the social area of the house, playing an active part in wiping out the gender role defined by our society. Since it has become a focal point of family gathering, it has become important to bring in warmth into the space and pay attention to its beauty that will stay fresh and clear for long. Apart from the design and décor, the finishing of kitchen cabinets also defines the feel of the space.

Glossy or Matt, it’s a personal choice and has its own beauty and advantages. But today we will talk about the advantages of Matt finish kitchen and have brought for you a few awesome ideas of Matt finish kitchen designs from interior designers and decoratorsREBEL DESIGNS, Mumbai. Have a look and learn all about the Matt finishing you wanted to know.

​1. Finishing touch of Matt finish

經典  by Rebel Designs, 古典風 合板
Rebel Designs

Modern Kitchen In Mint

Rebel Designs

With its muted and understated appearance, Matt finish is best for minimalist and simple kitchen and brings in loads of elegance and timeless beauty into the space. It lacks in shine of the glossy finishing, but that doesn’t make it inferior to glossy in any sense. Matt finishing gets its muted appearance from absorption of light rather than reflecting it. Matt finishing never tends to lose its shine it never had. It also has a voluminous capacity to hide the stains and marks and save you from regular scrubbing and cleaning. However, you have to be specific for its quality to get the best result which it can bring in to make your kitchen stunning.

Finishing materials for Matt finish

Mint and Copper Finish Kitchen 根據 Rebel Designs 古典風 合板
Rebel Designs

Mint and Copper Finish Kitchen

Rebel Designs

Matt kitchen finishing is available in range of materials and colour to suit the budget, style and personal taste of all. Even the varied depth of Matt finishing is available giving you the freedom to choose. The manufacturing process differs for each finish creating a different visual appeal. The finishing is attained on wooden surfaces and has the warmth and homely feel for a perfect family kitchen. The selection of finishing comes in Matt, super Matt and ultra Matt; each bringing in its own unique charm into the space it is installed.

​Ultimate quality of Matt finish

White Matt Kitchen 根據 Rebel Designs 隨意取材風 合板
Rebel Designs

White Matt Kitchen

Rebel Designs

Matt finish in the kitchen brings in muted elegance into the space with its minimalist appeal. It redefines magnificence with its smooth texture paired with neutral or pastel shades spread out evenly on the surface. It brings out the best on the kitchen cabinets in its solid colours which is not depended on light to shine. Light or dark, it maintains its charm and beauty with the consistency of colour.

Matt finishing is durable and scratch resistant. It also has an added advantage of hiding the finger stains or any smudge which is not easily visible on the surface.

White is quite popular choice when it comes to Matt finish kitchen. It makes the kitchen feels light, bright and spacious. Grey and other pastel shades are also preferred. However, Matt finish looks best in solid colours. Whatever colour you choose, it will add its own unique flavour into the space.

Touch of satin in Matt

Space Saving Kitchen 根據 Rebel Designs 現代風 合板
Rebel Designs

Space Saving Kitchen

Rebel Designs

If you are the one who like the understated beauty of Matt finish but at the same time like the shine of glossy, then you can opt for Matt satin finish for your kitchen. It’s sophisticated and is a beautiful pacification between Matt and gloss finishing. Though only available option in Matt satin finishing is lacquer option, the smooth surfaces of this finishing is perfect for modern kitchen and makes it look clean, chic and fresh. With its subtle shine and understated feel, it brings in utmost elegance into the kitchen.

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